Oh hello there lovely reader! I'm Amyloo a serious pizza addict from Oxfordshire, with the biggest passion for all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle related. I love to look at life with a creative flair. One day I could be sat quietly painting away, the next I'm bellowing out operatic tunes, the fun never ends! If you ever need me, you'll find me snuggled up, coffee in hand, with my latest read, being transported to another universe. It's obvious to you now that I'm a day dreamer at heart, my head is always up in the clouds, and thats what gave me the inspiration to create my own little planet on the inter webs. 

AmyloosWorld is all about sharing all the things I enjoy about life, and inspiring others to do great things, realising their dreams and reaching their goals. Most importantly though is the love of family, I want everyone to know just how much they mean to me!


  1. Hi Amy!

    I nominated you for the Liebster award :) check out my blog for the details lovely! Hope the baby is well :)

    Mary x

    1. Hey Mary!

      How are you? I hope your well :) Thank you so much, its great that you received an award, its much deserved and I'm honoured that you nominated me for one too! He is perfect! Not long now! :D

      Amyloo xx

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