Friday, 22 January 2016

January Retail Therapy

Its been too long since I've been on a satisfying all-day shopping spree. With the craziness of being a mother, and never being able to remember things, spare time becomes scarce,  the clock is always way ahead of you. But with the January sales in full swing,  I made a promise to myself to go out and find some bargains. Hastily I handed over little man to his daddy, kissed him a sweet goodbye and braved the cold weather to catch the next train. 

As I strolled wondrously down the High-street, straining my neck out like a tortoise to get a glimpse in shop windows, I noticed the high amount of ridiculous offers. It was hard to restrain myself from clearing shops completely...actually there was no 'restraining' going on...more like 'diving in'. The rush of people speeding along with heaps of bags from various stores didn't help either. It certainly wasn't difficult to uncover many bargains, and as the day went on someone clicked on the crazy switch, and my money flew out of my hands and into the tills. By the end of the day I had only £20 left, and that was my lesson learnt. To be fair it was christmas money (no excuse!).

My biggest bargain was from Boots, Pixiwoo's Bold Metals Collection Essentials With Clutch set. Originally it costed a whopping £65, and it was reduced to just £25. That's near enough the price of one brush! I didn't really need anymore make-up brushes, but I had always admired the look of these, especially the rose gold brush, but on a normal day I would never have been able to afford them, they were just way out of my price range. Thank god for the sales is all I can say! I also really like the clutch bag included. I assume you are supposed to put the brushes inside it, but I think I'll use it as a fashion accessory. Following Boots I also spent about an hour in Zara, but I could have easily spent a day in there browsing the many packed isles. A large period of that time was spent in the changing rooms playing tug of wore with five or six pairs of jeans, which involved much yanking and tumbling. Thank god for the curtains! Though these jeans are the only full priced item I purchased, I wanted to include them in this post for the simple fact Zara jeans are the most comfortable and well-fitting I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. However there was a definite lack of sizes. Also from Zara, I picked up a leopard print shirt, something I have been in two minds about for a while. I've never felt comfortable enough to pull of a print as 'in your face' as leopard, but since it was in the sale for only £12.99 I went for it. My happiness lasted until I got home, opened the bag excitedly, only to find a huge hole in the sleeve, which I'll now have to stitch. Let me tell you, my face drooped right to the floor in that moment. Despite my disappointment, it is a lovely sheer fabric, the kind that floats over all your lumps and bumps, for that perfect flattering fit. 

Lately I've been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer religiously, it has always been one of my favourites, and as I sat and watched her kick vampire butt I admired the tiny leopard print skirt she was wearing. Goodness knows how she managed to kick so high! The skirt was paired with a skin tight, black jumper. I loved the simplicity of the outfit. So I made it my mission to find one that I felt comfortable wearing. I found a leopard print skirt very similar to the one she wore in Zara, that was reduced in the sale to £3.99. The best thing about it, is its elastic waist band, which made pulling it over my elephant hips a piece of cherry cake (no tug of war going on here). The rough texture of the skirt could make a simple outfit look interesting. I paired my newly found leopard skirt with a simple black turtle neck jumper from Dorothy Perkins in the sale for £14. The gold button detail on the sleeves gives a nice sophisticated touch. There you have it! One Buffy the Vampire Slayer outfit, your ready to hit the sales. 

It was perhaps the worst mission I've ever been on. My luck for the new year already seems to have run out, with most of the items I've bought in the sales having holes in them. If your planning on going shopping, whether sales or not, always check your garments for holes in seems or missing/loose buttons. Its fair to say the day was hectic, the busy crowds can get a bit much, and I was glad to step of that train and get home to my loved ones. Maybe next year I'll do my sale shopping online. 

I'd like to see what everyone else managed to bag in the sales, maybe there are some bargains that I've missed out on? *slaps self in the face* (no more!). 

Items featured: 

Zara Super Skinny Jeans (Check in store)
Zara Oversized Leopard Print Shirt (Check in store)

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

5 Reasons David Bowie Was My Biggest Hero

Today I just wanted to write a little tribute to my biggest hero; after hearing of his trajic death yesterday. I wanted to share with you all five reasons why he was and still is my biggest hero. My condolences go to his family and his multitude of fans across the world at this awful time.

1. He Made Earth-shattering Music

When David Bowie made a new song the Earth shook and the whole world would know about it, and that shows a rare and special star quality. I'm pretty sure that same level of musical talent will never be seen again. Some of my favourites are: 'Ashes to Ashes', 'Blue Jean', and 'Life on Mars' (but there are many more, that would take too long to list here).

2. His Voice

Bowie's voice is the most distinctive sound I've ever heard. A soulful deep tone with a guitar-like twang. Whenever I listen to the radio or am shopping in a supermarket that is playing music, immediately I recognise his songs, and yes I do have a little jam and a sing-a-long if the isle is deserted. His voice to me is what made him so unforgettable. (Its also enough to make any woman swoon at the knees). 

3. He Gave Me Childhood Memories

I have very fond memories of David Bowie as a child, and not just because he was a superstar. I remember my mothers good friend Rita, who was like a third grandmother to me, sitting me down on the couch and placing a video into the television. Up popped the magical world of Labyrinth, full of fairy's, dwarfs and goblins, and bopping 80's tunes. Then this man appeared, even then at such a young age he struck me, and I never forgot the Goblin King. After my friends death quite some time ago now the Labyrinth and David Bowie himself have become a somewhat special memory for me. The love for the film is something we shared in common, and it is something I can remember her by. This man, whom I never met, without knowing it, has given me such fond childhood memories, and now I get to remember him for them. 

4. He Was a Chameleon Who Wasn't Afraid of Change

His image was yet another reason Bowie remains stapled in our minds. Much like Michael Jackson and Madonna his image never stopped changing. He was a man who was unafraid of individuality, and expressing ones self. To be different is an admirable quality. 

5. He Embodied Male Perfection 

My 5th and final reason is an obvious one (at least to women), he is simply a fine male specimen. Obviously everybody has faults, but even his faults I found ridiculously attractive. If your reading this post, and not quite understanding where I'm coming from, you only have to watch the Labyrinth and his ridiculously tight pants to understand. Even now the starman is in the sky, I'll never forget those beautiful miss-matched eyes (how could anyone?). 

Obviously, there are a million more reasons that I could tell you, but it would take me forever to write them all! 

Thank you for reading my tribute to this amazing man, that continues to resonate with so many across the world. I was sad to see him go, but he's the kind of person you never really forget. 

Every David Bowie fan across the planet, please feel free to leave a comment, I'd love to hear from fellow enthusiasts, particularly about what you'll remember most about him. 

A loss the world will never overcome.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Body Shop's: Vitimin C Glow-boosting Moisturiser Review

Hello Everyone I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! I,m sat here typing from my new Flip case tablet keyboard, and its magical. Today I'm writing a nice little review for you, so I can get back into the blogging flow of things, after the hectic holidays flipped everything upside down.

I have struggled with dry skin for quite a few years now, and this time of year is the worst. You know the feeling? Where your skin feels as delicate as china, and you avoid touching it in fear your entire face will just break into tiny pieces, it screams MOISTURE at you! If your one of those people who ignore those thirst quenching screams, Body Shop's new-ish vitamin C range could be for you. Its targeted at people who experience dry, tired, dull skin, with high claims to brighten and revive your skin, giving you a healthy, glowing complexion (that would make my year).

For a few months now I have been enjoying using their glow-boosting moisturiser. Even though I haven't seen any major differences in my skin, there are definataly still some benefits to be found in using this product.

For one it feels heavenly on your skin when you first apply it. It gently cools your skin, and leaves it feeling all lovely and smooth. The cream is thin and light, and it sinks in almost straight away, so your not left with a horrid sticky residue. A little bit definately goes a long way, so it lasts a little longer than most, however I do wish the pots were bigger. This product also smells like oranges, which to me there's nothing better, but if your not a fan, i'd probably stay clear. Though the scent itself is fresh and in noway overpowering. And lets not forget the reasonable price tag of £16, though I know its not the cheapest, and I wouldn't buy it for every day use, I can't deny I loved just using it, especially in the mornings, when it feels particularly refreshing.

Though I haven't noticed any major long term changes, it is genuinely a nice moisturiser to pop into your skincare routine. Perhaps this moisturiser would perform better when used along side some of the other products in The Body Shop's vitamin C range, which I am very eager to try out. But my hunt continues for the best moisturiser for dry skin.

What skin saviours have you all found? I'd love to find something spectacular that I've been missing out on all this time.

Also how are you liking the images? I'm liking my new 50mm lens, and totally recommend adding one to your kit if your wanting to improve the quality of your photos x