Friday, 31 July 2015

My Opinion on 'Grey' | Loos Literature

The fourth instalment of the notorious Fifty Shades of Grey series was released on the 18th June this year, and since that glorious day I have been devouring page after page in a hurry to finish it for review, and I am proud to admit I have not a single page left! (I have no shame!) I guess you could say I've had more than my fill *wink wink*. Its no secret that I love a bit of fifty in the morning, and in the afternoon...and at night, and I was as ecstatic as any true fifty fan would be at the news E.L James was writing yet another steamy, sex filled novel (Yes I did just say that word aloud). It actually took me a lot longer than expected to get through it, as I didn't feel it was appropriate to read around my 1 year old son, so I had to settle for night sessions, and yes I did enjoy them immensely. I may as well just say it, since I know your all wondering up there in those filthy heads of yours!

Now I'm going to just grab the bull by the horns here. I've been reading a great deal of negative reviews about this novel, which is understandable as erotica isn't everyones cup of tea, but particularly about the fact that this book is in a nutshell a re-write of the first. Now I don't really understand what readers were expecting, but I certainly wasn't expecting anything more from James. For one, isn't the title any indication as to what the book is about? "Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian". Now correct me if I'm wrong, but what I take from that is that its the same storyline, only from a different characters perspective. There's no indication whatsoever that we're going to be seeing glimpses into the estranged world that is Christians past, as that was never part of the original material, even though I do admit it would be extremely interesting to read. I'm simply saying I feel the book delivered all it said on its cover. The comments about E.L James being a 'lazy writer' I don't necessarily agree with either, as the book itself wasn't duplicated exaclty word for word, down to every last detail, and there is still some, if not much, new material amongst all of the old. Wanting to be a writer myself one day, I can appreciate the pure gut and hard work that is needed to complete a novel, and the reality is you cannot please everybody. James has already produced 3 bestselling novels, lets give the poor woman a break, she is allowed to make a few errors here and there,  she 's only a human being after all. For those saying she's only doing it for the money, she has already made herself a millionaire, I hardly think a few extra million is going to make much of a difference to her already luxurious lifestyle, and hey you bought the book, no one chained you down onto a bed, blindfolded you and whipped you until you spent all your hard earned cash, even though you probably wish they had.

Onto the actual book. I personally found the book very fulfilling, and enjoyed reading from the messed up mind of Christian Grey, even though some scenes are shocking, particularly the scenes towards the end, having to acknowledge the enjoyment he takes in punishing innocent Anastasia. The little snippets of flashbacks and dreams throughout the book gradually unveil a little bit more of what Christian's violent past was like, and his relationship with his crack whore mother as he so often describes her, not forgetting the twisted man who plagues Christian's dreams night after night. I felt deeply sorry for Christian when reading these scenes, and I completely understand how the events shaped his character. His need to control all things stems from the lack of control he had when he was younger. He was completely powerless to save his mother, and couldn't stop the bad man from beating him senseless, its obvious to the reader he would never want to feel that way again. Suddenly its not shocking anymore, because everything makes sense. Christian's character comes across as  a stereotypical arrogant man in the novel, clear in the way he speaks and his knowledge of his power over women, as well as his stalker tendencies towards Anna. I'm not sure whether I really like his character all that much, but I guess that kind of personality is more fun to read about. The feeling of control is definitely more evident from the view point of Christian than it was from Anna's. The dreams and nightmare's decrease when Anna is around, and you instantly recognise that she has a positive effect upon Christian's dark demeanour. She really is the light to his dark, even though it does take him practically the whole book to realise it. There was not much given away in terms of his past relationship with Mrs Robinson, but I like the fact James hasn't given everything away, as I think Christian himself is a very secretive and closed of type of person, which is part of what makes his character so intriguing. It simply wouldn't be right to know him fully, especially when Anna is the only one who's ever managed to break through his hard exterior. I definitely think 'Grey' is a lot steamier than the first three novels. I'm not going to sugar coat it, being a girl reading from the mind of a rich high-handed man was extremely erotic. Everything was much more intense, and described in a much more controlled and severe manner, which I feel puts you more in line with Anna's character, and what she's really experiencing, and what she has to deal with. E.L James definitely gets top marks for being a master of her genre. I for one would like to see another author of erotica overthrow James's steamy sex scenes, which is now seen as her trademark.

To sum up, I did enjoy E.L James's new edition to the Fifty Shades of Grey series, no it wasn't amazing, but I never anticipated it to be after reading the first three. I don't think it was any better, nor was it any worse than the previous books. It was certainly entertaining, and at some stages a little distressing to read, but its important to note its not a diary of a screwed up abuser of women, but rather about the journey of a little boy who's experienced some bad times in his life, and how it has formed him into this monster, but most importantly how he discovers other parts of himself that he never even knew existed, and how he manages that through Anna's kindness and her acceptance of his darker side. Would I recommend it to others? Well, if your an E.L James/Fifty super fan who demolished the last three books in one sitting then yes, because your going to love it regardless, if your not a fan, and your already a bit sceptical, then I don't think you'll gain anything from reading this book, other than a greatly enhanced imagination. I'd love to see what else James could write, and whether it would be as successful as Fifty Shades. No matter how you feel about the raunchy books, nobody can deny the great success Fifty shades has had, in script form and in film, as well as the constant pull E.L James has with her readers, we just can't stop coming back for more. Anyone feeling a bit like Leila Williams right now? 

You can pick this book up from Amazon for only £3.85, but I'm going to take an educated guess that the majority of you already possess a copy, dirty buggers ;) 

Have you read 'Grey'? What was your opinion good or bad? I'd love to hear your comments down below, and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin if you liked it and want more book reviews!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Zoella's New Beauty Range

Its probably not a surprise to anybody, that Zoella's new range of beauty products was released on 6th July in all Superdrug stores, and the last time I tried to get any of her products everything was gone, puff just like that! I've just recently celebrated my 20th Birthday and my partner Sean kindly bought three of the products from the range as presents (thank you!). The product I have been most excited about is the 'Scrubbing Me Softly Smoothing Body Scrub', which sounds amazing. I adore all of the Soap & Glory body scrubs, and I want to see how this one compares, and whether it could possibly become my favourite. I actually bought it for my partners littler sisters Birthday, before I got mine, and I had to have a quick cheeky sniff before I wrapped it up, and by god it smells divine! As well as the body scrub, Sean picked up the 'Fresh Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer', and the 'Candy Cream Softening Body Lotion', (what a mouthful!) which I am both very excited to try. You can already tell just from the packaging and the product names that the scent is a lot sweeter, and I love that. Perhaps best of all is the prices, which are all still very affordable, good for us people that just can't afford the higher market. I still have yet to try a lot of Zoella's older products, though I do intend to get through them all eventually. Its strange, even now at 20 years old, I still get excited at anything she does, and she still remains a constant icon for me, particularly in terms of fashion. Some might think it weird, my partner would say I've been brainwashed, but we all follow the people we like, just like any other celebrity, mine just happens to be a 25 year old girl, who's done rather well for herself. I'm super happy for Zoe, I love this range a lot, probably more than her first, and I cannot wait for the release of her second book Girl Online 2, out in October. 

What do you think of Zoella's new range? Do you prefer this range or the previous one? I'd love to hear your comments about how Zoe has become an inspiration to you, or maybe she isn't. Look out for reviews of Zoe's products here on the blog soon. Well done Zoe, you smashed it! 

Monday, 6 July 2015

4 Beauty Items I Cannot Live Without

 We all have those beauty items we simply cannot live without, so today I wanted to share with you the four items I refuse to be parted with. These four items are the things I truly love the most in my collection, and are products that I use time and time again. If I run out of one of these, a sprint down to the nearest drugstore is in order. 

Without a doubt I will never be without my tangle teezer. I have been without this once before because I stupidly misplaced it, and it was a terrible terrible, knot filled time. My hair reeked havoc on my head, and after having to use a normal bog standard comb again, I realised just how good the Tangle Teezers are. It has been a god send, and has helped me tackle my extremely thin, fine hair, in which I always find beastly knots, but the Tangle Teezer completely erases that problem. It glides through wet hair (yes wet hair!) and combs nicely through dry, bristly hair. I don't know how it does it, or how it differs from other combs, but what I do know is that I'll never be without it, EVER! Hence why I bought the travel version. 

This lip balm is quite a new addition to my collection, but I love it as though I've had it for years. Where has this product been while I've been living my life, and why didn't I know about it? Its just a tube of pure loveliness. I have a lovely shade called honey nectar, which is a cross between a brown and a pink, very summery, not my usual colour, but I love it more than I thought I would. It fills my dried, cracked lips with moisture, whilst adding a little bit of colour, in my books thats a winner. I don't think I could live without this now that I've discovered it, and I will definitely be repurchasing this in some other shades. 

As you can see from the picture, this concealer has been well loved. I have about four or five tubes of this stuff just sat there in my make-up bag. I should really throw some out soon. I buy this concealer frequently and have never loved any other concealer as much as this one. Its thick and creamy, and super hydrating on my extremely dry skin. The coverage and lasting power is brilliant for a drugstore product, and I honestly don't think anything could ever match up to this amazing miracle tube of magic! So many bloggers rave about this concealer, so if you haven't used this yet, you need to go right now and pick it up! You haven't lived until you've tried it!

I never used to be one to curl my lashes, it just never appealed to me, though they've always been annoyingly stick straight. I used to stare at all the other girls with luscious curly eyelashes, and I was so unbelievably jealous! Recently though, I've given curlers a try, but rather than splashing out on a ridiculously expensive pair, I purchased a nice cheap pair from good old Primark, and boy am I impressed. I can't believe I never made it an official step in my make-up routine. I can't say these are the best, but they do the job for me, and really help to open up my small eyes, and that's why I think they deserve a spot in this post. 

That's it! The four beauty items I can't live without. I hope you've enjoyed reading my post, and I'd love to hear about the products you guys use, that you could never live without. Leave a comment down below, and I will be happy to reply :) 

Love lots x

Saturday, 4 July 2015

End of Summer Haul

The sales are upon us, and we're all rushing down to our favourite shops to grab a good bargain. I for one was not missing out this year, and with a nice surprise in my bank account, I waisted no time in hopping on the train to Oxford for a much needed shopping spree. It's been far too long! I can't believe that Summer is nearly over and Autumn is creeping around the corner, though I love Autumn, I really do. I'm growing old so fast! Here are a few summery pieces I picked up to enjoy all that's left of the hottest months of the year.
I popped into good old Primark and discovered these lovely sunglasses, which are very me. I love the leopard print design along the top, and the gorgeous gold detailing. As well as that, they fitted nicely on my square head. All in all a very flattering pair of sunglasses. These will be perfect for protecting my eyes against the hot sun, which has surprisingly been paying frequent visits here in the UK.
How can I express this? I am so frickin excited to use the 'St. Tropez In Shower Gradual Fake Tan'! If I'm totally honest, this was a bit of an impulse buy. I've never worn fake tan in my life, and have always tried to embrace my fair skin, as I feel it makes me stand out in the vast sea of tan lovers. Just recently though, despite the fact I love my pale skin, I have been curious, but have never had the time to actually carry it out. Obviously, the fact you can use it in the shower is its appealing quality, especially for busy mums like me. The one thing that always put me of fake tan, is the amount of time it would take to fiddle with a mitten, making sure to blend everything seamlessly, or face the dreaded streak marks. I was also afraid my pale skin would turn orange, well no longer! I have read so many positive reviews about this product, and I'm sure I'll have another one to add on this blog very soon. This has a releasing price of £9.67, down from the £14.50 it should be, so get your hands on it while its cheap!

I have been hunting this top down in what feels like forever. I first saw this top on the lovely zoella (How is it she always manages to pull of every single outfit!?), and I decided it wasn't my cup of tea. For a while I forgot about it and then I saw it again on one of the producers on 'This Morning', and for no reason at all I decided I needed to own it. Originally it was priced quite hefty at £30, and I'm glad I waited until the summer sales, as it was reduced by a whole £10! They were all sold out on the website, so I was convinced I'd lost my chance, but alas the Zara in Oxford had some left for me. By no means am I a fan of insects, but I feel this top has an unusual quality to it, and I adore the bright spurts of colour, suitable, as I'm always trying to make my wardrobe more visually exciting. The material is lovely and glides over all my lumps and bumps (secretly the reason I love chiffon). I think this was a great bargain and something I will wear time and time again.
 The last item I picked up was this crotchet top from Primark. At £10 this was on the pricier side, but I loved it so much I couldn't leave without trying it on, obviously I took it straight home after that. Its just a really lovely piece for Summer, and fringing is dead on trend right now. The fit is so flattering on my body shape, and it reveals just the right amount of skin so that I feel comfortable wearing it. I think this would look lovely paired with some denim shorts or a denim skirt. Its just an all round pretty, summery piece.

That brings me to the end of my post. I hope you have enjoyed delving in to what I've bought lately, and I'd love to know what your favourite pieces are for summer? How will you be spending the last few weeks of summer? I fancy a nice family trip to the beach, its definitely on my list of things to do. 

Happy Summer everyone!