Thursday, 12 February 2015

Geo Chick

Hello lovely people! I just had to post about this drop dead gorgeous top I bought from one of my favourite online stores It was an absolute steal, and I love it to pieces. I'd seen this top a while back, but it had been too pricey for my purses liking. Luckily I spotted it browsing through the sales recently and snapped it up immediatly. It had been reduced down from £29 to just £12 so it was an instant bargain in my eyes, I had to add it to my ifs or buts. 

I feel extremely 80's-esque when I'm wearing it, with the bright colours and bold abstract patterns, which is good because I always swore I was born in the wrong era. The top sought of possessed me to go mad with my make-up, which I really do hate blue eyeshadow usually...weird. It reminded me so much of my geo cushion I've got sat on my sofa, a trend that I'm loving right now, especially for decor. I did think the material would be slightly thicker, like the picture suggested, but I really wasn't disappointed as it fitted so beautifully, flowing over all of my nasty lumps and bumps. I think the cropped shaped front and lengthier back really helped to flatter my figure. I think this top would be particularly great for nights out, paired with a simple black blazer and some heels, everything else needn't be flashy as this top will do all the talking for you. I just love how different it is compared to all the other tops I've bought. Its very unique and sometimes I think its nice to stand out from the crowd and show of a little. I've never really been one to follow the set trends anyway, if I like something then I'll wear it, which is what I believe fashion should be about. To sum up it just suits my sense of style to a T, and It will be a long long time before I decide to remove this from my wardrobe. 

Does anyone else have one particular item of clothing they love to wear all the time, day in day out, or is it just me? 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Huge Home Haul

Hello everyone! Over the past few weeks I've picked up some lovely pieces for the flat, its definitely one of my favourite things to do. I love decorating a place up, and seeing it come together, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like its one step closer to home. Since buying all this stuff, I think I've just about collected enough for a decent sized haul post, so I hope you enjoy, and maybe even gather some inspiration for your own projects. 

Sports Luxe Geo Cushion & Primark Plaid Cushion - Cushions are the vain of my life! Since moving into my flat I've been obsessed with every kind of cushion, to cover my sofa with. I'm a really big fan of bright colours and bold prints, so these two are very me. They instantly caught my attention, and they make a nice addition to my home. 

Wilko Colourplay Mechanical Scales in Mint - I'm not going to lie, Wilkinsons was the last place I expected to find a set of retro scales as beautiful as these, it just happened by chance I spotted them. I love them to bits, they look super cute in my drab kitchen. They come in lots of other pastel colours and were only £6. Weighing ingredients never felt so good! 

Candy Rose Collection Floral Clip Top Water Bottle - Dunelm is one of my favourite home and furniture stores, I just love it. Everything in there is so decadent and pretty. Before moving into my flat I had a browse and came across this gorgeous little glass bottle. If there's one thing I hate its ugly juice cartons just sat there in the fridge for ages. Therefore, I thought this would be nice to display my juices and waters in, to pretty things up a bit. I've never owned anything like this before, so when I take it out of the fridge for a drink I feel so posh!

Vintage Inspiration Rabbit Ring Holder - We had a new shop (Home Bargains) arrive on our local retail park a little while ago, and since taking a trip inside I've been hooked on their home accessories. Sometimes there are real bargains to be found in the most unexpected of places, and this cute little bunny ring dish is one of them. I'd seen a cake stand similar to this on, but it was way out of my price range, so I decided to downsize after finding out this was being sold for something stupid like £1.99. Even though I don't own that many rings, this little guy makes me want to buy more just for the sake of seeing them all bunched up together. 

Pink Lemonade Flamingo Candle - I don't understand how I'd never heard of the flamingo line of candles before. They are just the most amazing smelling candles that ever existed. They beat yankee candles by miles, their scent is just so prominent and utterly addictive. The one I have is called Pink Lemonade and is a mixture of strawberries and Lemon juices, its such a sweet succulent scent, I have to fight with myself not to go back over to my bookcase every few seconds, just so I can sniff it all up and savour every last drop. I also think the jars are so cute, and could be used for something else (brush holder?) once the candle has burned out. Plus who doesn't love flamingo's? 

Next Bird Mug Tree - Everything in my kitchen seems to be bordering on cute, 90% of the time I have to force myself to stop buying certain items, otherwise my flat would be a big ball of fluffy cuteness...eww. However, I couldn't help picking up this little birdie mug tree from Next. I have to confess I'm a bit of a fanatic mug collector. I love discovering different designs to add to my shelves, I haven't the faintest idea why. This classy mug holder will make a nice home to hang all of my favourite mugs and teacups from. 

Jamie Oliver Funky 3 Piece Knife Set - Cutting is something I would usually leave for Sean, but since he's working and I'm the one that stays at home cooking, I haven't got a choice in the matter. My mum bought me a set of these Jamie Oliver Knives and they have helped me out sooo much in the kitchen its ridiculous. Gone are the days of wrestling with the vegetables, only for them to go flying all over the floor. These are incredibly sharp, and cut so easily and effortlessly, or maybe its just my new found super strength? Each one is for a different purpose: chopping, slicing and dicing and they are all great. They also come in some cool funky colours, which go well with my bright decor. 

Sainsbury's Pink Pretty Polka Dot Mug - Like I said before I'm a crazy mad mug collector...and what!? Seriously though Sainsbury's sell the best mugs.

Ben de Lisi Home Designer Blue Polar Bear Magazine Rack - I was browsing through the lovely Becky Bedbugs blog, when I came across a blog she had featured in one of her posts. They had the loveliest retro home. Everything was artfully placed. I saw this awesome polar bear magazine rack that she had in her living room and I googled it straight away. Its a lovely baby blue colour and is made from sturdy, durable wire. Its funkily designed and I feel as though it was made to go with my geo cushion. 

Hooper Coffee Table With Storage in Natural Ash - By now you may have realised I'm a big fan of anything and everything retro. is the king of retro furniture, and I decided to treat myself with some of my Bingo winnings I'd won a little while ago. This cool table was discounted from £299 right down to £149 in the sale, which is just an absolute bargain. I love its sleek, curved design, and I'm so scared of ruining it. Its also very wide so theres plenty of space underneath to place 
paperwork. Its funny really, Sean was so angry with me when he found out I'd ordered it as he hated it and thought it was ugly, but as soon as I'd pieced it together and he walked in, he confessed his love for it and said how nice it looked. So ha! That'll teach you to doubt my creative eye. 

That's just about everything! I hope you enjoyed todays post. I feel like I've been on a roll with blog posts recently, now the challenge is to keep up the hard work. 

What is your favourite home and furniture store, and what are the best furniture pieces you've ever bought? 

Lots of love x

Monday, 2 February 2015

Zoella: Girl Online Review

Hello everyone! Have you all had a good weekend? I hope so. 

Today I'd like to talk about a special book, which is an incredulous achievement for one particular 'girl online' (pardon the pun!). Yay! Zoe finally released her first ever book, and I'm so god damn proud of her, and I don't even know her personally. To see how far she has come as an individual, and the success she has had, brings me such joy, she is just such an inspirational young women to so many. I just wish I could tell her face to face. Despite the controversy surrounding this book, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and I thought the story was fantastic. I'm not just saying that because I'm clearly a Zoella fan, I swear! Let me tell you why I liked it so much...

The story centres around Penny, your typical clumsy teen, who has suffered with severe panic attacks ever since being involved in a serious car accident. On top of her anxiety issues, Penny must deal with bitchy best friends, seriously embarrassing school dramas, and heartbreaking love troubles. Penny begins blogging anonymously under the name 'Girl Online'. Her blog is the one place she feels she can freely express herself, without the judgements and opinions of people at home. After travelling to New York for her mums latest business venture, Penny meets the gorgeous guitar playing Noah, who she quickly falls in love with. But Noah has been hiding a dirty secret, which ends up having serious consequences for Penny's persona, both online and offline.

Firstly I love Penny as a character, she actually reminds me of myself a bit, extremely clumsy, quite shy and seriously lacking in confidence. I also had a lot of school dramas when I was younger, so I can really relate to what she's going through. I really like to see a character growing and flourishing as a story progresses, and I felt like Penny did just that. After meeting Noah her confidence started to grow massively, and as the novel goes on this inner strength just starts shining out of her. She finally realises that she is 100% perfect the way she is, and she should stop worrying about what everybody else thinks. I find that a really admirable quality, the ability to accept yourself is a rare jewel in the 21st century, one I have yet to master. She also learns some important life lessons, which in turn changed her personality and way of thinking. The one that effected me most however, was Penny's online presence, and how quickly it changed from good to bad. It actually shocked me how fast it all started spiralling downwards. It made me realise that sometimes I take the internet for granted. I think in this day and age our children use the internet as a virtual playground, oblivious to that fact that its unsafe. We definitely need to be teaching our kids more about the dangers of going online and the effects it can have. That message to me is vital, so well done Zoe for putting that across. I suppose the biggest message from Zoe's perspective would be the panic attacks, that she herself suffers with. Personally I found it quite difficult to relate to as I've never been in that position, though I got a gist for how someone in that situation might be feeling. I'm sure her words would be helpful and heartfelt to anxiety sufferers. Regarding her relationship with Noah, I did enjoy reading their scene's together. I felt they were a good match, though I thought it highly unlikely someone of her age, would travel to a city as big as New York and just so happen to meet a boy, who actually turns out to be a super famous celebrity. But hey! This is fiction right? so anything can happen. Its nice to see a bit of romance, but as I've grown older its become a bit tedious and cheesy. I'm more of a fifty shades girl if you know what I mean *wink wink* haha! You can easily tell the transition from offline to online through the difference in type face and my favourite one liner ever "Girl Online, going offline", its just to clever, or maybe its just my simple mindedness. I loved reading her blog posts, it felt like I was reading about a real bloggers life and genuine problems, and I got quite emotional about the whole thing. As a blogger myself I found her posts incredibly inspirational, encouraging me to open up more about my own problems (hence last weeks post). If Penny were a real person, and not a character from a book I would be unbelievably jealous at this point, because she has one of the best gay friends ever! Elliot added to the subtle humorous side of the story, and I found myself smiling at a fair few of his lines.

On the matter of the ghostwriter I don't agree with it at all. To say that this book sold more than J.K Rowling's Harry Potter in its first week is ludicrous, especially with the amount of time and effort J.K induced into her writing. Its quite insulting to the many other authors who spend years trying to get a publisher to even glance at their manuscripts, let alone get published. Its clear that Penguin saw the opportunity for mega money here, however I don't believe that Zoe is the kind of person who would venture into this opportunity purely for the money, anyone who has watched her videos consistently would know that its not characteristic of her. I honestly think it was a childhood dream of hers, who wouldn't jump at the chance to publish a book? I would, but what I find confusing is that I'm the sought of person who would want to write it myself no matter my skill levels, just so I could feel I'd achieved something through pure gut and hard work. I wouldn't have accepted anyone else writing it for me. Fair enough she says the ideas were hers, but its true the initial ideas are just the first step into writing a novel that is structured and ready for publishing. I get the feeling that Zoe didn't realise the repercussions this book would have, and I get the feeling she was greatly mislead. She definitely didn't deserve the hate she has received. 

Despite my opinion there's no denying Girl Online has been a complete success and is a great piece of fiction, regardless of who wrote the story. Its written well and Zoe did have some great ideas. There are some important messages to be learned from this book which will inspire young readers, and even adults could take away something from this book. Its clearly Zoe inspired from the cute front cover, to the meaningful words inside. I'm really looking forward to reading the sequel later on this year. 

What did you think about Zoe's first novel? Did you enjoy it? Whats your opinion on the ghostwriter matter? 

Talk to you later x