Saturday, 30 August 2014

My Second Ever Birchbox Opening!

Hey guys! Long time no speak! 

I've been dying to get back writing on the blog again, but life (as always) shoves obstacles in my path, and I find little time to talk about the things I love. Nonetheless, Elijah has taken a trip with nanny and grandad today, so I get to have a minnie break. My feet are up on the sofa at the ready, and I'm finally typing away (quite frantically at that to, time is a precious thing with babies around). 

Today I will be talking to you about not my first ever Birchbox (I'll get to that in a minute), but my second ever Birchbox. Not so long ago I saw an advertisement in my emails about an offer Birchbox had going on, which included a free beauty blender if you signed up for subscriptions in the month of July. For those of you who don't know (though I'm sure most of you will) Birchbox is a monthly subscription service in which you receive up to 4-5 beauty samples, neatly packed in a nifty little box, ready for your enjoyment. After trying them out, you can go to the Birchbox shop to purchase your favourites in full sizes. Now back to the story. So I'd looked at signing up to Birchbox before, but I'd never really had the right amount of funds to be able to do it comfortably. obviously as soon as my eyes crossed the words 'free beauty blender' all doubts vanished, it really didn't take much persuasion at all. Naughty naughty Amy *slaps self on the head multiple times*. 

My July box came through the post, but I was also awaiting the arrival of a brand new ring light I'd gotten for my birthday, to take nicer photos for the blog. Of course I wanted to be patient and wait for its arrival. So July passed and I waited...and waited...and waited, and waited, BIG surprise nothing came. Unfortunately, I'm now in the process of getting the money refunded. I ordered from a website called '', and I definitely don't recommend them. Their customer service skills are disgusting.

By the time all that malarkey had been sorted, my August box had arrived. I decided that it was far to late to talk about my July Birchbox, so I would talk about the latest one instead. I hope you don't mind. I still intend to get a ring light for my photographs, but it will take a little while for the money to go through. Until that day, I will continue to write lovely posts for you all to read, light or no light. 

The theme of this months Birchbox was summer holidays, and all the travel essentials you'll need for a quick getaway. This box would have excited me if I was actually going away on holiday, but sadly I've already been on my travels. Even so, I did get some lovely little products, which are still useful, even without the scorching hot sun and sandy beaches. 

The first thing I noticed was the cute as pie translucent bag, which can be used for all your liquid products, very handy if your going on a flying journey. Even though I'm not going of on any adventures this year, I still intend to use this on my next holiday abroad. 

'The Proposal By Tasmina Perry' - The next thing was a chapter sample from a book. Now don't even get me started on books! I'll be here all night! I love taking a good book to read on holiday. I doubt survival would be possible without my daily dose of reading. When I saw the title of this book, I instantly thought it was connected to the popular film 'The proposal', but in fact they have no connection whatsoever. Simply put, its your typical romantic sob story, which just happens to be my kind of book, so I was lucky to get it as a sample. I can see it now, me lazing around, feet berried in the sand, the waves crashing upon the shore, reading this book. True its not everybody's cup of tea, but its defo mine. 

'TommyGuns Weather Protect Dew Drops Serum' - I've been dying to get my hands on any kind of hair products, as my hair is in such bad condition atm. I need a product that will cure my hairs horrid brittleness, so this came at the right time. The thing thats got me so excited, is that it can be used as both a serum and a finishing creme. For the serum apply a small amount all over damp hair, for smooth and nourished locks. For the creme you apply to dry hair after styling to tame any flyaways. I have quite the multitude of baby hair all along my hair line, I hate it! Hopefully this will stick them down. If your going away on holiday, its good to take as little as possible to save luggage space, so two in one products are great. If your going somewhere hot, its also good to look after your hair and protect it from the suns damaging rays.

'Dead Sea Spa Magik Refreshing Bath Shower Gel' - After finding this product in my August Birchbox I was quite curious, as it has a very unusual name. After doing some further research, I discovered that the dead sea is actually a literal place, which is quite often used for beauty and cosmetics. Well there you go! You learn something new everyday! Its called the dead sea as the high salinity means that little life can be found there, no fish, no plants...nothing. Kind of creepy if you ask me. This shower gel contains pure minerals, which can only be found within the springs of the dead sea. Getting creepier by the minute, but strangely more appealing. It claims to revitalise, relax and rejuvenate (all super good stuff). The fact its natural makes me want to use it even more. Im not often big on shower gels, but I'm looking forward to giving this one a try. Its probably not something I would choose to take on holiday with me personally, a good old bar of soap is all I need!

'Miracle Skin Transformer Hydro-Active Microderm' - This mineral infused exfoliator will work wonders for my dull, dry skin. This product is also suitable to use on sensitive skin, as it contains micronised exfoliating crystals, which is super great for my raging skin! I prefer the creamy exfoliators in comparison to the sticky, oily gels you sometimes see in cosmetic stores. I'm quite the naughty person, as I often forget to drink throughout the day (thats anything, not just water), but I get so caught up in looking after Elijah and everything else that I just forget, which probably means my skin is super dehydrated. This exfoliator can apparently boost your skins hydration levels, so maybe this could be the answer to my healthy, perfect skin prayers. Obviously I'm going to work on the drinking problem aha. An exfoliator is a must have for a summer break in a hot country, where your going to be tanning a lot, so removing dead skin cells is important.  

'LIASISON de PARFUM Resist Me Eau de Parfum' - I have to say now that I am a perfume girl, I love the smell of it! But I think this is just one of those samples that will forever remain a sample. Its sooo far out of my price range its unreal. Though the price is a shame, they are still a beautiful range of scents by Nana de Bary, and if I was rich I would defo go there! (All you lucky rich people!). I'm unsure about the scents in this particular perfume, bergamot, lemon, leather and lavender, none of the ingredients are really screaming at me. I prefer the sweet, sugary, sickly fragrances (me and my sweet tooth). 'Stay With Me' probably would be better suited to my tastes, with vanilla in the mix. Lets not forget that perfume is a holiday must have, especially if you haven't found mr right yet *winks*. Ladies you need to allure! It says in the description that this perfume is for the sophisticated and elegant, clearly I am both of those things and more! (never on this earth haha). 

'Wild About Beauty Powder Eyeshadow 05 Fern' - My relationship with eyeshadow is a rare one. You'll never see me wearing it on a casual outing, its strictly reserved for special occasions, or when I feel I can be bothered to add it into my routine. Its not that I don't love it, because I do, but as a mum I now need the quickest make-up routine for the mornings, as baby gives me little time to concentrate on what I'm doing. I just have no time to throw uneccerssary products into the mix. Most days I will just use a liquid liner across the top of my lids, nice and simple. I have to say though, I thought this paraben-free, high pigmented shadow, founded by make up artist Kim Jacob and TV personality Louise Redknapp, looked pretty darn cute! I mean just look at that little bumble bee imprint, its so purrrdy. I'm thrilled with the shade I received, which is a dark bronze, one of my favourite shades for brown eyes, though it will suit most skin tones and eye colours. Its quite shimmery, which I also love, great for that beachy look. Its Probably my favourite product out of the whole box. 

Thank you for reading about what I got in my August Birchbox, I hope you enjoyed it :) 

Whats your favourite product from my box this month? 

Maybe you already have a favourite product from your own?