Thursday, 10 July 2014

Down By The Sea

Hello there Folloowers!

A couple of weeks back me and my new family of three took a trip to the sunny seaside at Devon, along with Sean's mum, dad and little sister. 

I'd never been to Devon before (couldn't believe it when mum told me, since we've been practically everywhere else in the UK), so it was a first for both me and Elijah, which made this holiday extra special.

Here are a few snaps to show just some of what we got up to :) 

Paignton was a beautiful seaside town, and probably my favourite of the three we visited. There were plenty of beach shops to buy little souvenirs, fun playgrounds for the kids, and the sparkling blue water was perfect for swimming in. I'm embarrassed to say that this is where Sean picked up a shell, told me there was something inside, and made me jump, loosing my flip flop in the process, nearly falling on my bottom in the ocean *face palms*. 

Sean walking along with the pram on Paignton pier without a care in the world. 

I got some GORGEOUS shots of Elijah whilst there, isn't he just sooo adorable in his little Mickey Mouse romper and hat!? (incredibly biased mummy here). You've probably noticed he's changed a great deal since the last post, and thats because he's already over 3 months old now!

Little happy chappy

Not such a happy chappy

Having a feeding sesh on Paignton Pier

Elijah: "Mummy quit kissing me please!" Me: "But it's so HARD!"

Unusual wooden lady

We stayed at a John Fowler campsite (definitely don't recommend them). These steps were a killer! 

They led to a small rocky beach, where me and Sean sat one evening watching the waves crash upon the shore. 

Not far from where we stayed is a quaint little harbour town called Brixham, the perfect place for good old English fish and chips. I had to take a picture of the sunset with all the boats in the shadows. Just stunning!

Torke was amazing for shopping. I found the most delicious smelling soap shop, all hand made. 

Got nothing on the London eye.

Little fella looking pretty darn comfortable there on daddy's shoulder. Lucky bum!

The king and his prince.

Put that tongue away! 

Still taking photos of Elijah. It's just too addictive. 

Look at this pretty little pink teacup.

How mouthwateringly good does this cake look? Went in my tummy straight away. 

I noticed this pretty bunting hanging from the ceiling of the cafe in Blackpool sands. Very fancy pants!

For a minute I thought I was abroad because of the colour of the ocean. 

Note to self: Never walk across a beach made of stones barefoot again. 

Here stands a thief. As you can see I pinched Sean's shoes. The pain was unbearable. 

It wouldn't be a holiday without a selfie!

We went to the zoo but I despise taking photographs behind glass, so apologies for the lack of animal photos. I love giraffes though! This ones so cute sniffing a flower. 

Look at that beast of a tongue! 

I'll leave you with my favourite picture of the giraffes. I have no idea how this happened but isn't it hilarious!? 

Elijah had a great first holiday and I'm sure next year will be double the fun! 

Have any of you been on holiday recently? 

Where's your favourite place to go on vacation?

I'd love reading about it down in the comments :)