Monday, 24 March 2014

A Baby Shower to Remember

Hello guys! I am back and this time its with a small and simple lifestyle post, so I can get back into the swing of things. I did recover from my sickness eventually, and baby is a healthy little bean (though not so little anymore). Tomorrow he will officially be a full term baby of 37 weeks eeeek! It's exciting and scary to know that he could come at any point now, and I will certainly keep you all updated on his arrival. Being pregnant doesn't feel that great anymore if I'm honest. I'm the biggest I've ever been, and it does tend to bring you down, though I know its nothing to be ashamed about, as its a natural process that all us pregnant women go through. I am determined to drop the weight and return to my former body as soon as physically possible! I've been treating myself to lots of beauty products to perk myself up a bit, which seems to be working, and I've got a hair appointment booked for next week so I can feel all brand new. 

Now on to the lifestyle stuff! Last week was my baby shower, which was hosted by some very good friends of mine. It was amazing the sheer amount of effort they put into it, for which I am internally grateful. I can't even begin to thank them enough! Lots of people came and gave such lovely gifts for the baby, which was so nice of them, he has been well and truly spoilt rotten! I now have about 4 huge bags full of stuff and nowhere to put any of it, finding space should be interesting. Baby showers tend to be more popular in America, but I personally loved getting involved, and think they are great fun! 

You'll have to excuse my flabby arms in this photo, any second now I'm going to sore into the sky and fly away home!

We started the day of with some fun-filled games, which I found extremely amusing. The first being baby food tasting. I have to admit I sucked at trying to guess the flavours, I must have lost my taste buds at some point during this pregnancy (my stomach says otherwise). The second was a game of icing some very adorable gingerbread bunnies (every pregnant woman's dream). The aim of the game was to draw a nappy and a dummy as precisely as possible onto the rabbit, whilst being blindfolded. This did not go down well, my bunny ended up with a green dot for an eye, and was sporting some very thin thong like panties (probably best you don't dress your baby that way). We sat down to eat some seriously scrumptious food (my fav part). There was an array of delicate triangular sandwiches, home-made sausage roles, crisps and some posh scones filled with thick whipped cream and strawberry flavoured jam (mmm). Seriously, the day put the queen's tea parties to shame! 

Me cutting the cake, getting ready to tuck in :P
Aww baba's Noah's ark cake. I enjoyed eating this sooo much!
A stunning masterpiece made solely from nappies and lots of baby goodies. It's sha-mazing!

Sue is a fantastic cake maker, I will be the first to admit I am jealous of her wizardry baking skills! Of course this day was no exception and she'd come up with some beautiful (and edible *wink wink*) creations. Just look at the Noah's ark cake, it must have took ages to cut out all those trickles of water. She bought the clay ark from a shop and stuck it on top, but its a lovely keepsake, and will be something I will treasure and look back on years from now. The best cake by far though, was my awesome nappy cake! I love it! It's still sat in my living room in one piece, I haven't a clue how I'm going to take it all apart, its far too nice to ruin. I'm going to have to muster all my courage, but I guess I'll cross that bridge when it comes to it. At least its not made from food, then it might be a bit easier. 

 This is the best bouquet of flowers ever
As you can see, I'm loving life as a mummy to be.

Sue also put together a bouquet of flowers made from...SOCKS OMG! It was the coolest thing I'd ever seen, and so imaginative! I want to keep them forever, but that would probably be a waste of baby socks. Sean if your reading, these are the kind of flowers I want for my wedding day, thats if you propose tehe ;)

We finished of the day with everyone gathered around in a circle watching me open presents, it was quite embarrassing actually. Sadly I don't have any photos of that, so you'll just have to picture me nearly falling over on the way home attempting to carry a ton of stuff back to the car. 

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my baby shower, it was the most wonderful thing anyone's ever done for me. Its really helped us out a great deal, me and Sean love everything and we can't wait to use it all on our little boy! Bring on 37 weeks woop woop!

Goodnight friendlngs :) 

Monday, 3 March 2014

34 Weeks Pregnant, Bedridden, and its Pancake Day.

Hi guys! this post is coming to you from a very sick and bedridden Amyloo. I felt as though I should inform you all, as your probably wondering where the hell I've been! I caught a violent stomach virus and haven't been able to relax or do anything at all. Baby loo is fine, and just to let me know that he is he gives me a good shove every few minutes, which id rather I knew he was okay, even though it makes me feel a whole lot worse! No! I've just finished the last of my lucozade (boo). Its typical really that I should be ill on pancake day, because they are one of my favourite foods (so gutted). Its just a waiting game really, until its passed through my system, as I don't like to use any kind of drugs while he's inside of me. As soon as I'm better I'll be back to blogging normally again. Until then its a crackers, bread and soup diet (blah). So I hope your not too angry with me. Time to sleep! Goodnight!