Friday, 21 February 2014

Baby Beauty Buys

Hello friends! I've wanted to get this post out to you for so long, but my laptop did not want to cooperate! (stress). Saviour Sean fixed it for me, and I'm now back in business...sort of. To make matters worse, I'm having problems with my website server, and I've had to revert back to my old blogspot web address: My link will no longer work if clicked on in google, and my pages are currently out of use as well, just to let you all know. That will all be fixed asap, so I'm sorry for any confusion caused. Anywho lets ditch the boring stuff, and get on with the fun! 

A fair few of my readers are really into all this baby related cuteness, so I thought those that are would love a little nose into what products I've purchased for my little trooper, in preparation for the weeks ahead. I really did think long and hard about how I could possibly relate baby's to beauty, as it seems to be my main source of inspiration atm. I figured baby's beauty, skincare and accessories is the closest I could get! If your not a fan, not to fret, there will be more beauty related posts to come. 

Just to give you a quick update: I'm now 32 weeks (almost 33) along, which gives me 8 weeks left ahhhhhhhh! Yes...I have been counting down, and it brings me great joy to know that each day brings me a little closer to the birth, when I'll finally get to meet my little man. The excitement is simply too much to contain! Obviously I've been doing a lot of shopping lately. Though, most of the essentials have been bought now, and I can just sit back and relax till morning doth come. Where I've shopped has varied depending on price, though I try not to get too carried away with worrying about price tags, else it sucks up all the enjoyment. I tend to go straight to boots and mothercare, which are sometimes costly (typical me), but I also took a trip to my nearest ASDA store, which is great for bagging a bargain. 

When I say the words 'Baby Beauty' I'm not talking lipsticks for baby's (that would be weird), What I'm really talking is toiletries: wipes, shampoo, lotion, flannels etc, if you hadn't already guessed from the photos. Baby's (even boys!) have extremely delicate, sensitive skin, which need just as much love and attention as our own, so I've made sure to buy all the correct products to ensure my baby is happy and healthy. All the products featured are things that are essential, in my opinion. So please don't feel pressured into buying exactly the same as I have (if your pregnant that is), its all down to personal preference. 

Johnson's Baby Skincaring Essentials Box

This was a complete bargain! I found the Johnson's skin care essentials set at ASDA, luckily while it was on offer for just £10! (Its now gone up to £20). Turns out this was the last one, so I made a hasty retreat. Mothercare were selling it for £25 on offer, so the difference is huge! I have yet to meet a mother who doesn't use Johnson's products. My mum used them constantly on me. They've been around for years, and are still as popular as day one. I think what pulls me, is the gentle nature of the formulas. Every mother wants to know that what they're putting on their baby's skin is 100% safe, so perhaps its better in this case to go with the more trusted brands. The set includes 3 bottles of various baby baths from the Johnson's range. I'm looking forward to using the 'Baby Bedtime Bath' as it contains a blend of relaxing aromas, which have been proven to help your baby sleep better (always a good thing). There's also a bottle of baby lotion and some baby oil, for intense moisturising, and some bog standard baby shampoo. Each bottle is 300ml, which is smaller than the 500ml bottles that are available, but these will undoubtedly last me quite a long time. Lastly I pulled out a tub of 100 cotton buds, which I may have nicked a couple to clean my ears (shh haha!), and a full packet of Johnson's famous gentle cleansing wipes, useful for cleaning up all that stinky poop later on (eww the thought!). I have to say though, that bathing and cleaning my baby is one of the things I'm most looking forward to in motherhood. 

Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream

Sudocrem is another one of those brands that people completely swear by, and its been used on baby's for donkey's years. Its amazing for many things such as acne and eczema, but the only thing I can really stand by is its ability to sooth saws, particularly nappy rashes. Come on guys! We all know what it felt like to have a saw bottom, and boy did it sting! But as soon as mum applied this cool cream it instantly felt so much better, and we quit the crying. For that reason, it was one of the first things written on my shopping list. I received the cute diddy sample pot in my second bounty pack, and the larger 400g pot from Morrison's for £3, on top of my mums 10% work discount, which I was more than happy to take advantage of *winks*. 

Johnson's Baby Powder

Tbh at first I hadn't got a clue what baby powder was used for, and I just bought it because my mum used it on me when I was a baby, but alas I now know! Its actually used to give soft smooth skin and to reduce the effects of rubbing, from things like clothes and nappies, ultra useful. I decided to pick up a 500g tub for £2 from ASDA, though I'm not really sure how often I'll actually remember to use it (I've started to develop the dreaded baby brain). Still its nice to have in my kit, and obviously it had to be Johnson's. 

Packet of 3 Flannels 

I do look in mothercare quite a lot, because the prices aren't always so terrifying, that you just want to scream and run back out of the shop. I find the little things are okay to buy if they're things I'll really need. I found a small packet of 3 flannels, with different coloured rims, suitable for both boys and girls. They had bigger packets of 5 and even 10, but I didn't think I would need that many just for bath times, which won't be everyday anyway. I'll stock up on muslin cloths instead for burping and wiping up sick. They are plain and simple, but they'll do for wiping down baby in the water and keeping him warm. These were only £2.99.

Packet of 2 Sponges

I wasn't planning on buying sponges, as I don't really think they're that necessary, but my friend's son Alec absolutely loves them! He had such fun splashing me when I was giving him a bath, and ever since then I've had visions of my own son doing the same. These were also from Mothercare and they had a small selection to choose from, though I could tell from feeling them, that these ones were much squishier and softer. Plus they were only £1.99 for two, so it didn't exactly break the bank.  

Baby Grooming Set 

I hope my son has plenty of hair because I'd love to sit there combing it! This little set is perfect and so adorable. I love how everything is downsized for baby's. This set is from Mothercare (£5.99), it literally has everything you need for grooming including: a soft bristle brush, a comb, a small tooth brush, a miniature pair of scissors, some nail clippers and four teeny weeny nail files. It'll be a good few months away before I can start using it, but I can't wait until I do!

Johnson's Baby Cotton Balls

A Johnson's product to finish the post, what a surprise! No mother can live without cotton wool, whether it be pads or balls, they are useful for so many things. I already use pads to remove my makeup everyday, but soon I'll be buying double the amount to cater for baby to. Lots of people recommend these for cleaning baby's bottoms in the early days, as they are a lot gentler in comparison to wipes. My mum also found them useful for wiping away any gunk that built up in our eyes, which youngsters often tend to develop. I picked up a bag of 75 balls for £1 at my local pound shop. 

This is a rather long post, but I hope some of you if not all of you enjoyed looking at what I've bought to prepare myself, for whats probably the biggest milestone I'll ever have to overcome in my lifetime. I'm really happy that I've got all you guys to share all my special moments with, and perhaps I'll be able to inspire other first time mums along the way. Let me know in the comments if its something you'd like me to write more about. I was thinking of doing a post about all my baby essentials, to show you the bigger things I've been buying, and give other first time mums some ideas. For all you not so pregnant beauty lovers, I've got plenty of product reviews on they're way to you!

Are there any baby products you'd recommend? Perhaps there was something your mum used that you now swear by? I welcome any advice :) 


Sunday, 16 February 2014

Laptop Failure!

Hey guys! This is just a quick update really to let you all know that my macbook has failed on me and needs a new hard drive. My amazing boyfriend Sean was up all night last night frantically trying to recover all of my things. Sadly I've lost most of my blog design and photos. Unfortunately it will all need to be remade at some point.

The tragedy struck yesterday when I was editing my photos for a new post I was planning on writing, which I will attempt to get to you asap, but the chances are posts won't be as frequent. Thankfully a new hard drive is on it's way to me thanks to Sean, and I'm hoping it will be fixed soon. I know it's not good news, but the purpose of this post was really just to notify you all and promise you its not the end of AmyloosWorld! I will survive! Right now I'm writing from my blogger app on my phone, so I'll keep you all updated.

I'm missing blogging already *sad face* and this new hard drive can't come quick enough. Love and miss you all!

Amyloo xx

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Sparkly Purple Valentines Make-up

Hey folloowers! I promised another post, and another post you shall have! Valentines day is coming up tomorrow, unfortunately I won't be spending it with my baby daddy, as his stupid work place wouldn't give him the day of *sigh*. But I've got a few surprises in store for him when he gets home. Then it's movie time in bed (ahh complete bliss!). 

With that in mind, I thought it appropriate to do a valentines day make-up look, to give you all some inspiration. I was up all night setting up my studio lights and taking photos, so I hope you all enjoy it. It turns out I had just the perfect palette: Clinique's new 'All About Eye Shadow Quad' in 'Going Steady', which includes four beautiful purple shades. They contain a slight shimmer, so I thought them very fitting for a romantic valentines look. I also adore the colour purple on brown eyes, as I feel it compliments the warm tones, and really makes them pop! I'm still jealous of all you blue eyed beauties though! All of the shadows have incredible pigmentation and great lasting power, however I did wear Mac's 'Painterly Paint Pot' underneath as a base. I noticed the palette had a step by step guide, but I decided to get all creative and experiment a bit. All the products I used were either pink or purple toned, so everything works nicely together. 

I applied shade 1 (that's from left to right in the photo), the lightest pink shade you ever did see, all over the lid with a flat eyeshadow brush. I then took my Real Techniques fluffy eyeshadow brush and put shade 3 on the outer half of my eyelid. Next I took shade 2; a stunning deep purple; and using the same brush, I applied that to my crease to add some definition. Keep building this up until you get the depth you want. What time is it!? It's blending time! As the lovely Tanya Burr always reminds us, the key to the perfect eye make-up is to blend blend blend! I did that continuously with a clean 217 brush until I was happy with the way it looked. Finally I applied shade 4; a blue toned purple; under the eye, about half way across. I had a new Collection 2000 eyeshadow crayon in the shade "Vanilla Sky", which I used to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and underneath the eye. I can never live without my black eye liner, so I drew a thin line using my Maybelline Gel liner, and of course I had to have the wing as well. You can curl your eyelashes or apply fake ones at this point if you wish, but I didn't on this occasion. I simply deepened them up slightly with a black mascara. A good highlighter is a must for valentines day to give a gorgeous sheen. You'll have the cheekbones and brow bones of a goddess! I used The Body Shop's liquid highlighter, and patted it on with my finger.   

With purple being quite a strong colour, I decided to make the rest of my make-up as natural and as light as possible. Everything else is exactly the same as my everyday make-up look, which I made a video on here. The finished result is a pretty and feminine, purple gradient make-up, one thats sure to have your date gazing into your eyes all night long. 

So thats it! I hope you like my sparkly purple make-up look, I'd love to see you guys re-create it. Don't forget to tweet pictures if you do decide to. If you are single this valentines day, why not treat yourself to a relaxing bath or full on makeover? Love yourself a little! Prince charming will come along eventually. 

Do you like my valentines day look? 

Have you got any nice plans for tomorrow? 

What make-up do you plan on wearing for the loveliest day of the year? 

Lots of hearts and kisses for everyone! 


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Because I'm Happy!

Hello to all my folloowers and all my new folloowers! How is your week going? Mines been epic! I hit 31 weeks yesterday and am feeling regular movements. Baby's getting so big now, so I'm starting to feel a little breathless. It's getting to that point where sitting or lying down isn't all that comfortable anymore, since he's all up in my ribcage having a partay. It's safe to say he won't be shooting out anytime soon. I feel like such a balloon, but anywhoo...

The weather has been absolute poo in Britain! It's been up and down like a yo-yo. One minute it's sunny, the next it's showering from the heavens...literally. So i've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to go outside and snap some shots, so I could get to writing this post. Eventually the rain gave in (thank you lord). 

About a week ago I decided to treat myself to a little online shopping spree. I picked up a few items from Boohoo, who iv'e been loving throughout my entire pregnancy. Mainly for their baggy swing/smock cut dresses, which flatter my forever expanding waistline. They are also dirt cheap (in a good way). The first thing I bought was this very striking aztec cardigan. I can't say I'm a big fan of the aztec trend (it doesn't much suit me), but I thought I would give this one a whirl seems as my wardrobes been in need of an oversized cardigan, which I can pair with all sorts of outfits. I love the contrasting black and white colours (it's all very monochrome), and it keeps me snug and warm in this god awful weather! I bought this one in medium to large for extra baggy'ness, and it cost me just £15.

The next item is a grey stone-washed dress, which gives the illusion of denim, which is actually a thin, flimsy cotton. Again its a swing/smock dress so it flatters my bump. Its almost like I'm wearing a very old potato sack...but I LIKE it! I also like the lengthy sleeves, which hide away my chicken wings. Sadly I think its starting to get a little too short *Sad face*. That was a whole £20. 

I then decided to add a piece of jewellery to my basket, as I don't own much. This one is a gold cut out triangle, with a long chain. I don't really know what drew me to it, but it compliments the aztec cardigans design. In my opinion it really brings the whole outfit together. That cost a small £5.

The last item I bought was a bowlers hat for £10. I have never had the guts to wear hats like these as they're quite the fashion statement, but Becca Rose always looks stunning in her Fedora! So I took a chance, and I quite like how it looks. It's beautiful quality, and has the cutest ribbon running around the rim, which makes it more feminine. These hats are only available in one size, but they fit perfectly! I have quite a big head, and its still all nice and snug. I like to pair it with my dresses.

When the package arrived I noticed a slip, which informed me of a competition Boohoo were doing over on Instagram.  I'm thinking of entering as the prize of an entire Boohoo wardrobe is far too tantalising to pass up. If you'd like to get involved all you have to do is Instagram a photo of yourself in your new Boohoo outfit, and hash tag the words 'OWNIT'. The competition is running until the 17th of Feb, so you've still got a little time left. Good luck! 

If your interested in the hair, I was inspired by the movie Frozen. Elsa's character sports an incredibly cool chunky plait, which she wears to the side. Simply plait your hair as normal, and then tug at the braid to give the illusion of thicker, more voluptuous hair. Voila! 

I'm in such a feel good mood after writing this. I've had Pharrell William's song 'happy' playing on repeat constantly. I hope you enjoyed this post, and there very well may be another today (pushing the boat out a bit there Amy). I've got to fold and put away all my baby blankets first. Eeeek its so exciting!

Have any of you bought anything from Boohoo recently? 

Where do you love to shop the most? 

Monday, 10 February 2014

AmyloosWorld Hits 100 Followers!


So this is not the typical post for me, and I have a feeling its going to get seriously mushy any second now (a little warning for you there haha). I received an email from Bloglovin a couple of nights back telling me the good news, that AmyloosWorld had hit 100 followers! As soon as I'd finished reading the email, I went straight to Sean to blab about my success, and I would not shut up about it. Here's why...

I started Amyloo'sWorld back in April 2013, with my first proper post about how to get the best from your book, a world away from the beauty posts I now write. I made this blog thanks to the lovely Zoella, who has inspired myself and a lot of other people in the blogosphere. I just think she's amazing!. At that point in my life a lot of bad things had happened to me, and I didn't really know who I was or what I wanted to do. For me starting a blog was a way of uncovering my identity, a way for my voice to be heard, and in general just to feel a part of something. I was lonely. On top of that, writing is something I've always wanted to do. I really enjoyed studying English at school, and I wasn't half bad at it either. So when I first sat down and touched those keys, it just felt right, a small spark flickered inside me (*face cringe* aha). It's true that blogging is hard work, and for the longest time you feel as though nobody is listening to you, because why would anyone care what you think? There were points I even considered quitting all together, and I'm glad that I didn't. When I receive all your lovely comments, its the most warm and uplifting feeling in the world, and it was definitely worth waiting for. If someone had told me nearly a year ago that I would have 100 followers today, I wouldn't have believed them. Now today is here, and I have exactly 101! It's been the biggest milestone for me, a real eye-opener, and obviously words simply cannot justify how much it means to me. I couldn't have achieved any of it without you guys, and I want you all to know that I cherish every single one of you as readers. It's got to that point where I feel like life's last few puzzle pieces are being slotted together, to create the most amazing picture. I'm having a baby, and am forming my own little family, which is so exciting. I will be working on my organisation skills, because I feel as though I owe it to both you and myself. Hopefully posts will become a little more regular now. My last few words are going to be thank you for sticking with me all this time, and I hope that I can continue to write posts that you will enjoy. 

My advice to anyone who is just starting up, or is maybe thinking about it, is to believe in yourself, and that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. Somewhere in my subconscious mind I believed, even if it didn't feel like it at the time. Life is what you make it.

...And now your all sat there laughing at me because I'm having a sob fest :L 

I apologise if this post was proper cringe, couldn't help myself!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

A Basket Full of Empties

Good day my Folloowers! It's been a while since I last posted. My life's a whole load of crazy atm, with preparing for baby and valentines day on it's way, I'm really feeling the pressure. I hope you guys can understand, and I'll be investing in a handy little notebook soon, so I can plan all my posts and hopefully get a bit of organisation going. Here's a nice big empties post to tied you over in the mean time. 

I've got so many empty products stashed all over the house. With that in mind I thought it would be a good idea to write about some of them, before they head for life in the trash can (Then I can get some nice new things woooo!). As you can see I've built up quite a stack of old foundations, they're just too pretty to throw away (can you blame me?). There's also a couple of mascara's, concealer's and some other bits. I'm quite the hoarder it seems. 

Avon Ideal Flawless Foundation
I enjoyed using this foundation. The glass packaging reminds me of the luxurious Chanel foundations. It evens out the skin tone and builds up to a medium coverage, with a satin finish. Plus it has spf 15 (win!). I found it a little too drying on my skin, so perhaps it would be better suited for the oilier person. It's true it's not the most amazing foundation, but if your looking to save money, this is great to tied you over until you manage to find something better.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
Everybody raved about this foundation after it's release, and it definitely lives up to it's name. It's got a decent coverage, spf 15, it blends smoothly, and leaves a nice dewy glow on the skin. It lasts for around 4 hours, so does require touch ups throughout the day. Some people find it far too glittery, but I find it complementing. Unfortunately it's colour range is awful! (no exaggeration). I could just about get away with the lightest shade. If they thought about extending the line, it would be the perfect foundation. 

Este Lauder Double Wear
This was the first foundation I ever owned (ahh long lost memories). I remember getting colour matched in Debenhams years ago when I was about 15 (I feel so old!). It was the middle of summer and my skin was virtually leaking oil everywhere! This beauty solved that problem straight away, and gave an amazing full coverage at the same time. I can't wear it in the winter though *pulls sad face*.

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation
I'd forgotten how much I love this foundation. It's so beautiful, creamy and light on the skin. You really don't feel as though your wearing a face full of make-up. The colour range is fantastic! They cater for the lightest to the very darkest of skin tones. I'll definitely be re-purchasing this one at some point, but I'm also desperate to try YSL's new forever foundation. I can't wait to see how the two compare. 

Freederm Perfecting Moisturiser
This is an okay face moisturiser for the price range, but I didn't really feel it helped with my spots, which is what it claims to do. However there have been mixed reviews on the range, so don't let me put you of. 

Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream
This is the jewel of all the drugstore moisturisers. It's super hydrating on my bone dry combination skin, and a little goes a very long way. There's no oily residue left behind, like some other drugstore moisturisers tend to leave. To top it of it's only £7.65 at boots, so it doesn't break the bank. My only quarrel is that there's not enough in the tub. Make them bigger I say!

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
This is probably one of the most popular drugstore concealers out there atm. It does the same job as any high end concealer, covering any blemishes. It's super creamy and easily blend-able. This follows me everywhere I go, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Mascara
I started using this after I found out it was Tanya Burr's favourite drugstore mascara (stalker alert haha). My eyelashes are annoyingly straight, but I found this really lifted them up, even without eyelash curlers. Another one that never leaves my make-up bag. 

Mac Fluidline
This is an amazing gel liner if your willing to splash the cash. I've never found another gel that's as intensely black as this one, which doesn't bother me much anyway. It glides on the skin and lasts all day long, with no cracking or transferring. I won't be buying it again straight away, as I'm quite happy with my maybelline substitute. 

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Lift & Moringa Cleansing Balm
Well what can I say about this product? You lot already know how much I adore it if you've read my full review here. It's more than amazing, and does everything a good cleanser should do. It feels unreal on your skin, and is super hydrating. It's quite the luxury purchase as it's fairly expensive. For that reason, it's not one I would use on a daily basis. 

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Protectant Stick
I own a few lip balms, and I'd say this comes second best to my Nivea one. Saying that though, I do love the eight hour range by Elizabeth Arden, and find it's the perfect skincare for dry skin. This came in a gift set I received for christmas a few years back, and I'm very sad to see it go. 

So there you have it! One big fat empties post. I can't wait to start adding some new pieces to my dwindling make-up collection. 

Have you used any of the products featured in my empties post? 

What's in your empties basket? 

Tah tah x