Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Nivea's 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner Review

Hey guys! So today is a quick post about Nivea's 2 in 1 cleanser & toner. Some very good friends of mine bought this for me as a christmas present last year, and one of them told me to let them know my thoughts on the product once I'd given it a try. With that in mind I decided I'd write it up here on the blog, so I can share my opinions with everyone! 

The Nivea brand has been around for years now, and I've found it's quite popular with elder women especially (my mother uses nothing else). But I've never really been a big fan in all honesty. Their products just don't appeal to me in the same way a slightly more expensive brand would. So for me, trying this product out was a challenge. Surprisingly though, I've enjoyed using it, and have found myself at least satisfied with the results. 

On the market this sells for £1.99, which is amazing considering how much product you get in the bottle (200ml). Obviously it's a 2 in 1 so claims to do the job of both a cleanser and a toner, but when I'm using it I feel as though I'm only using a cleanser. I don't tend to use toner's anyway, so perhaps I've just never realised it's effects. It's an extremely runny consistency, and is silky smooth on the skin, a little really does go a long way. My first time using it I was immediately put of by the intense chemical smell, and was kind of afraid to put it on my face. After a while though, I got used to the smell and even grew enough courage to put the stuff over my eyes (three cheers for my bravery!). You simply apply it all over the face in small circular motions and then wash of with water, and your face feels all nice and refreshed. I'm unsure on it's effectiveness to remove make-up, as I prefer to use a make-up remover like Bioderma to do that job. Over all it's an average product suitable for daily use. I personally prefer foaming, and balm cleanser's, as you can actually feel their effects on the skin, more so than you can with this one. Since using this alongside my Oilatum face cream, I've had next to no breakouts (touch wood), definitely a plus side. I'm low on penny's at the moment, so I'm going to use this fella up before I dip into my pocket for anything else.

Lots of loves x

Saturday, 18 January 2014

My Average Everyday Make-up Routine

Hello my folloowers!

Today is the day I finally managed to find enough time to finish editing my 'Everyday Make-up Routine' and actually upload it to Youtube. I put quite a lot of effort into this video; though I know improvements could be made; I'm still proud of it. I hope you all will enjoy watching this one, and if not I hope I can write something very soon that you will enjoy. Alternatively, you could check out my Everyday Make-up Post from a while back, as the basics haven't changed. 

Have a nice Sunday everybody! 

Lots of love x

Friday, 3 January 2014

Tartan Tart

Hello my foll'oo'wers! Haha see what I did there? (I've decided that's what I'm going to call you lovely lot from now on). It's now the beginning of January, and I haven't done an outfit post in a while, so here's one for you now. Enjoy it! 
I purchased an adorable tartan dress from Boohoo some time ago, and I've really fallen in love with it (the head over heels kind of love). I'd go as far as saying it's one of my favourite wardrobe pieces. One reason I love it is because it's a smock dress. The wonderful thing about these dresses is that they're extra wide and tailored to fit under the chest, leaving access material to flow over the stomach. 

They are super flattering on pregnant ladies, so flattering in fact, that I don't bother purchasing my dresses from anywhere else but boohoo. They're also relatively cheap, so thats a big bonus. I know I'd rather be spending my money on my little baby. There are so many cute designs and colours to choose from, so there's something for everyone. I happen to adore tartan, especially in Winter time. This ones made from a thin stretchy material and has an adorable collar. I think green looks great paired with red in small doses, so I decided to wear my new Elizabeth Arden lipstick with this outfit. 

I'm also wearing my new coat from Zara. I've made it my personal mission to buy a new coat from Zara every year, because I love them far too much for my own good. They look amazing, the quality is amazing and I think a decent coat is essential for the colder months, regardless of price. I enjoy a good bit of leather as I think it adds contrast and texture to an outfit, which makes it more interesting. I find it incredibly difficult to find a coat that fits me properly in terms of length (shouldn't be such a short arse should I?), but I think this one compliments my height nicely. Plus it's black so I can pair it with anything! It's got popper buttons, so no faffing around with any zips, and some spacious pockets on either side.  

For shoes I wore my new pair of Topshop boots that I got for Christmas. Suede is such a gorgeous material, but boy does it get dirty quick! I'm petrified of ruining them, even though I know shoes don't last forever. They have a small cut out section on the side, with two leather straps and two buckles. I'm sure they'll live a long and happy life with me.  

So that's it! I hope I managed to keep you entertained for at least a fraction of a second. If you enjoyed it and would like me to do more outfit posts in the future, don't forget to drop a comment down below telling me so :)  

All the products mentioned will be linked below (if possible), incase you feel lonely without them: 

Leather Sleeved Zara Coat - (No longer available)
Suede Topshop Boots - (No longer available)

I hope your all having a lovely new year, I'm currently sat scoffing chocolates yet again (when will it end!?). 

Speak to you soon x