Saturday, 28 December 2013

What I Got For Christmas 2013

Hello lovelies! 

I hope you all had a brilliant christmas. Mine has definitely been the best one yet! This year I received so many lovely gifts from family and friends, and I'm extremely grateful for every single one of them. 

I noticed that a few bloggers have written a post about what they received, so I decided I'd do a quick one to. I'd just like to point out that I'm in no way bragging or trying to make anybody jealous, it's just a little bit of fun and something extra to write about! 

This year I got a few bits of clothing, my favourite being a beautiful tiger print scarf from my aunt, that I'm in love with. I also received a hello kitty onesie (my first ever one!), a cream knitted jumper from Primark, and a lovely soft blue jumper with a jewelled neckline from Topshop. I'm very appreciative of these gifts especially, as buying clothes for a plump pregnant woman is quite the task. 

Babyliss Boutique Loose Waves Hair Tong
Sean was well aware I really wanted this hair tong, as I wouldn't shut up about it when Christmas crept a little closer. I was thrilled when I unravelled the wrapping paper. It's the same tong Tanya Burr uses to create really gorgeous natural waves, and she always looks beautiful, so you can't possibly go wrong. I've got a lot to thank Sean for!

Basket Full of Beauty Goodies
Shannon and James spoilt me to death this year! I felt so guilty not being able to spend as much on them as they did me. I love any kind of beauty product, so they got it spot on. In the basket was a bottle of Dove go fresh body wash (it smells delish), Nivea's 2 in 1 cleanser & toner, some Dove Hand Cream, a pot of rose & almond vaseline, a Lush bubble bar (smells like bubblegum, mmm), some Max Factor make up, Rimmel nail polish and finally a bath scrunchie. To top it all of, it was wrapped in the nicest holly tissue paper, I'd very much like to know where they got it from. I'm sure I'll get plenty of enjoyment from using these luxuries, so thanks very much guys! 

I'm the biggest book worm. Seriously, hand me any book you like, and you won't see me for another year (I get that engrossed). I will read most genre's, but fantasy is my absolute favourite. Sean's mum and dad bought me the new Bridget Jone's hardback, which I've wanted to read, as I'm a big fan of the films. They also bought me the entire set of hunger games books, which have just been re-released with new shiny covers. The Hunger Games: catching fire was amazing! I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it already. Sean gave me the latest installment in The Vampire Diaries series, which I read more out of habit than actual fondness for the story. But I love the TV show (go klaroline!). 

Real Techniques Powder Brush & Stippling Brush
I swear by Sam Chapman's line of make up brushes. The quality is amazing and they are more affordable than most other brands on the market. I was in desperate need of a powder brush, and once again Sean answered my prayers by handing me not one, but two brushes on Christmas day.  I own both sets so far, and I'm slowly building up a nice collection. 

New Clinique Eyeshadow Quad 
Mum and dad bought me one of Clinique's new all about eyeshadow quads in the colour 'Going Steady', a set of the most stunning purple shades. I haven't had the chance to use it yet, but it will be perfect for New Years Eve. I'll definitely get plenty of wear out of it. 

Limited Edition Essie Festive Fingertips Gift Box
I've turned into a bit of a nail polish junkie, which is weird because I'd never been much interested before, now I can't get enough. Whenever someone buys me a new polish I get all giddy and excited, so you can imagine how I felt when I was handed Essie's limited edition set. It includes 4 beautiful Christmassy shades. I ran straight to the bathroom to paint my nails ready for Christmas dinner. It was love at first sight. 

Dorothy Perkins Necklaces
James and Shannon also bought me two large statement necklaces. These look great paired with my stretchy black dress and all my plain tops that need jazzing up a bit. I feel so sophisticated when I wear them (I'm anything but haha).  

Of course I received mountains of chocolate from everyone, who doesn't at this time of year? I've eaten so much of the stuff recently, and as much as I love it, I think I need to cut down. Therefore I'll be sharing mine with my sisters this year, just to take some of my guilty pleasures away (haha). I'm currently sat munching on some Ferrero Rocher as I write this...woopsie. 

Obviously it's not possible to show everything, so I'll take this opportunity to thank everyone who bought me a gift this year, and for putting in so much thought to make my Christmas so special. 

What did you get for Christmas this year? 

Do you have a favourite present? 

Friday, 27 December 2013

I Lushed My Virginity

Hey guys! This little post was something I was planning to write before Christmas, but sadly I never got round to doing it. But I decided to write it anyway, as I'm missing Christmas and can't believe we have another year to wait for all the festivities. Though it is sad, I can look forward to Easter, and the birth of my first ever baby boy. The mere thought of spending Christmas with him next year gets me super excited. Not all is lost! 

Moving on...I'm a little embarrassed to say that not so long ago I was a Lush virgin, and by 'Lush' virgin, I mean I'd never tried a single one of their beautiful soaps, bath bombs, butters or skincare products. Shameful...just shameful! So just before everyone was beginning to get excited about Christmas (yes it was that long ago), I took a trip into the Lush shop in Oxford, and bought three things. Now I've developed a serious addiction. 

The three things I picked up are all highly fragranced, but to me thats the best thing about Lush products. The santa head bath bomb is an old product, which they bring out exclusively every year. I thought he was jolly good! The golden wonder bomb has been out for quite some time also and is very popular with the ladies. Admittedly I grabbed it because it was gold and shiny (gah!). The melting snowman is the new addition to the Lush family, and isn't he just the cutest thing ever!? He even has real chocolate drops! There was no way I was leaving without him. 

Anything with santa on is a must have. After all, it doesn't get much more festive than the big guy himself. The idea behind this bath bomb is that it looks and smells like Christmas, what more could you want at this time of year? On the outside he's a very girly pink and white colour, but when popped into the bath, he turns from red to pink to dark green. It was a bit strange and I kind of felt like I was washing myself in a bath full of bogies, which put me of (just a tad). I was also expecting to see glitter like last years, but it seems they must have removed it. I can't say I'm not disappointed about that, as I think it would have worked well with the green, and stopped it from being too overpowering.  On a good note he smells delicious! It's a very citrusy smell, like oranges. He cost me £3.25, which is okay, but with Lush I do feel like your paying more for the name, than what the products are actually worth. 

The melting snowman bath melt is just adorable! Although mines now lost an eye and half of his nose, so probably not as adorable as he once was. Because he's a bath melt, he's a little more luxurious than the other two, and better for your skin. He is filled with lots of christmasy scents such as cinnamon, clove, patchouli, benzoin, lime and sweet wild orange oils. But the good news doesn't stop there! His body is made from moisturising body butters including shea and cocoa, leaving you with super soft skin. I haven't used him yet, but in all honesty I kind of don't want to, he's just too lovely. It would be like murdering a friend. Well...not quite but still I'd feel bad. I've read that he turns the bath water a milky white, so we can all bathe like Cleopatra at the height of sophistication. You don't have to use him all in one go either. You could probably get at least two baths out of him, so it's well worth the £1.12 I paid.

The golden wonder bath bomb looks so unbelievably luxurious. The fact that it's shaped like a present, does make you wonder what's inside. When you shake it you can actually hear rattling from the inside. It's such a tease. This thing is covered from bottom to top in gold shimmer. I tried desperately not to coat my canon camera in the stuff when taking the photos (that was an epic fail). I do love a good old bit of sparkle though, especially at Christmas, so for me it's an instant winner. It contains ingredients like sweet orange oil, cognac oil and lime oil and smells like fizzy champagne perfume (oh lala). It should be noted that this bath bomb is not for a quick bath as it's humungous, and has many layers. When popped into water it turns lots of different pretty colours, and releases a handful of small gold soluble stars. This bath bomb does contain alcohol, but for those of you who don't want that, there is now an alcohol free version available online. This is now priced at £1.75 and I paid £3.50. Bum. 

Lush now has a sale on so I highly recommend going in and bagging a few bargains for your bath times. I'm glad I 'Lushed' my virginity this year, I will certainly be going back for some more nice treats very soon I'm sure. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and are all looking forward to the new year like me! 

Are you a Lush virgin? 

What are your favourite Lush products? 

I'd love to hear about them and am open to all recommendations :)

Monday, 16 December 2013

Life Update & First EVER Baby Haul

Hey everyone! So here it is, what you've all been waiting first EVER baby haul! Sit back, relax and enjoy the video :) 

Amyloo x

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas at Boots: Feel Good

Hello there friends! Christmas is approaching fast this year, even faster now I've got a baby on the way. We'll all soon be sat around the table stuffing down our turkey dinners, spending quality time with our loved ones, and scrambling to open all the lovely gifts we've received. But around this time of year, I just can't resist splurging some money in one of my favourite beauty and cosmetics stores: Boots. I couldn't help but notice all the brilliant offers they have on every single year, for all us beauty obsessors. If you shop at boots often, you'll know what I'm talking about. I thought it would be nice to kind of praise them for being so amazing, and to show you guys some of the products I picked up recently. 

What I bought: 'Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencils'.

Tbh Collection's (previously called Collection 2000) eyeshadow pencils were never really on my list of things I wanted to buy, but after seeing them on Samantha Chapman in one of her recent videos, I was quickly drawn to the beautiful colour range, super pigmentation, nice blend-ability and the fact they're so much easier to apply than regular shadows. The pencils are £3.19 each and I bought two, which meant that I received a free gift for spending over £5 on 'Collection' products. I picked up the shades 'Hot Chocolate', a nice warm and shimmery brown, and 'Vanilla Sky', a pearlescent cream. I love anything that sparkles, so I'll be wearing these all throughout the Christmas season. 

What Boots gifted me: 'Collection 2000 Super Size Mascara'. 

This free gift was really handy for me personally, as I was in desperate need of a new mascara. My old one had started to dry out and crumble all down my face! I'm not particularly fussy when it comes to mascara, so it didn't matter that I'd never tried Collection's 'Super Size Mascara' before. Let's face it...everyone wants super thick, voluminous lashes, and I'm guessing this won't be the answer to my prayer's, but I'm happy I've got something substantial to use. It is true however, that you must go through all of the uglies before you find your prince charming, so perhaps I shouldn't be so quick to judge. Plus it was free! So no complaints there. This mascara usually costs £2.99 and comes in two different shades of black: 'Black' and 'Ultra Black'. 

What I bought: 'No7 Instant Radiance Foundation' and 'No7 Match Made Concealer'. 

I've never been much interested in No7 products in the past, so I was surprised at myself when I realised I'd bought home two items. Foundation and concealer was at the top of my list, and after reading positive things about both of these products, I eventually decided to get colour matched with No7's new electronic system.  My skin gets very dry during the winter months, so the lady suggested I try their 'Instant Radiance Foundation', which claims to give a medium coverage and brighten up dull skin. When she put it on my face, my skin turned silky smooth. This combined with my 'Oilatum' moisturiser will work a treat. I'm still not too sure on the 'Match Made Concealer', although it's a very creamy consistency, which is always good. I came up as the colour 'Calico' on the system, which is the lightest shade they sell. The foundation is a measly £12.50 and the concealer cost £7.50. Boots were offering a free gift when you buy any two No7 products. That's a bargain!

 What Boots gifted me: 'No7 Glamour Gift Box' (Worth £29).

There's nothing like a good gift box to cheer you up, I love them! This one from No7 is really nice as it has a little bit of everything. The set includes No7's 'Extreme Length Extend Mascara' in 'Black' (£12.95), their 'High Shine Lipgloss' in 'Whisper' (£8.50), 'Stay Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner' (£8) and finally a 'Stay Perfect Eyeshadow' (£7). I believe they are all sample sizes, though you still get a generous amount of product. I'm obsessed with the mascara's bright green wand, the eyeliner has a super fine tip, which is great for precision, and both the lipgloss and the eyeshadow are beautiful colours. Considering how much the box is worth, I think it's amazing they give it away for free. I can't wait to use these babies up! 

All in all I bagged some really great finds, and if you haven't yet been down to boots this season, you should probably hurry to grab the best deals. I'm not sure how much longer the offers last for, but they're still active on the website. If you'd rather order online but are worried about paying for postage and packaging, use the free click and collect service to your nearest store, boots will contact you when your order is ready to be picked up (easy peasy). 

I'd just like to point out that Boots have not contacted me and are not sponsoring me at all. Everything I've written in this post comes from my adoration for the brand. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I wish you all a wonderful christmas!

Do you love shopping in Boots? 

What's your favourite cosmetics store? 

What products have you picked up recently? 

Bye! :)

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Exciting Baby News!


After weeks of patiently waiting and stuffing myself silly, we finally found out our little bundle of joy is a boy! Me and Sean are both so thrilled with our little man, who's all snug up in my belly right now. We can't wait to meet him, plus he's got the best family in the world to look forward to (big smile upon my face right now). 

The second scan was even more surreal than the first. You can really see the difference in size and how much the baby has developed in such a short amount of time. It's amazing! He's quite the little fidgeter, we were sat fixated to the screen watching him move around. He has the cutest button nose I've ever seen (curtesy of Sean). In the photo it almost looks like he's blowing bubbles or having a snack, but it's just his tiny baby fingers haha. By the end of it I was hopelessly trying to wipe away all of that horrible jelly stuff they put on your stomach. So that's one happy, healthy baby (check). 

Now we just have the spine-bending task of deciding on a name, but we just can't seem to agree on anything atm, which is apparently quite common. I'm looking for nice names that are somewhat different but still cute. Here's my list so far: 

Baby Boy Names

The little boy is already being spoiled by his broody grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends of the family, and he's not even here yet! Sadly we have to wait till Easter next year, though I wish he were here now. In the mean time I can have some fun stocking up on baby clothes and imagining what he'll look like wearing them. Stepping away from the mushy baby subject (just for a second) it's almost Christmas time and I'm so excited to get together with everyone and celebrate the holiday season. I hope your all well and wrapping up warm for winter. 

Talk to you soon! 

Are any of you expecting? 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Halloween: Purrrrfect Pussy Cat Make-up

Hello lovelies! 

It's probably a bit late (I say a bit, I mean a lot) to say happy Halloween now, burrt I've said it anyway.

It's all been a bit of a disaster this year, unintentionally of course. My frankenweenie pumpkin turned out to be an EPIC fail, which I am so ashamed about (Artists should not fail at carving pumpkins!), my make-up took years to finish, then after all that effort I couldn't find my cat ears, which meant that I was an hour late to a Halloween party I'd been looking forward to for weeks. It definitely was the HAPPIEST of Halloweens! (excuse my sarcasm). I did eventually get there though, and I did enjoy being out doing something fun, which won't happen so often when baby comes. 

This year it was all about saving money, with a baby on the way and little money to spare, investing in a costly costume (however good it may be) was definitely not top of my priorities list. So I made do with the clothes I had, and managed to put a suitable outfit together, and then made up for it with extra effort on the face. I'm sorry that I've only got one picture, I was taking it easy that night, sat next to the food table stuffing my face haha (with no alcohol consumption, go me!). I wore some very trendy disco pants, super tight and as sleek as cats fur, I paired that with a leopard print shirt I got from Topshop a while back, and finished of the outfit with a black leather jacket for some cool vibes. For shoes feel free to wear high heels, but I felt much safer flat on the ground, so grabbed my trusty converse. 

The make-up wasn't so straightforward. I decided I wanted my eyebrows to be much more arched and a lot longer, so turned to prit stick and concealer to hide them. I applied the usual foundation, but applied concealer much heavier all under the eyes and on the tops of my cheeks, to give the illusion of higher cheek bones. Next I drew on my brows, marking the outline with a pencil and filling them in with a brown shadow. I wanted them to be fuller and thicker. I applied bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks, down the nose and under my chin. I went overly excessive on the bronzer as cats have very defined facial features (I'm quite jealous of felines). The eyes were of course the trickiest part and what took me the longest, I had never before attempted to do what I did. I opted for a paint pot from Mac as a base to lengthen the staying time, tapped on a neutral eyeshadow with my fingers, and then used a shimmery white eye-shadow as a highlight under the brows. Using a fine brush, I drew on the leopard print in c shapes, starting big and then getting smaller as it moved outwards. You have to try and not loose patience, just think of how good you'll look when it's all finished! For the eyeliner, to make it easier for myself I stuck tape in the direction I wanted the flick to go, and then delicately followed it along, removed the tape and voila! There's the straightest cat wing you ever did see. I applied the same eyeliner to my waterline, and elongated the inner corners. Don't forget lots and lots of mascara! Finally for the eyes I applied some diamond false lashes, which I purchased from Claire's. All of these things combined really gave the illusion of huge, lengthy eyes. It's slightly creepy to me just how big they are, seems as I have unbelievably tiny eyeballs (why can't they be like that all the time?!). All that's left to do now, is draw on your super cute cat nose and lots of whiskers. For the lips I applied a coral pink colour as I thought red would be too over-powering. 

With the hair side of things I didn't really make much effort, just grabbed my bristle brush and back combed the top like my life depended on it. I shoved on my cat ears and by that time I was rushing to the car and wailing at mum to speed. 

I realise this post is pretty much useless now, as Halloween isn't here for quite some time, but I thought it might be useful for anyone who might have a fancy dress party to go to, either now or later on in the year. Obviously there's always next Halloween to recreate this look if you want to. If you do, please let me know and send me some pictures, because I'd love to see them. 

For now adios amigos! I have a midwife appointment to go to! 

What did you think of the look? 


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Emma Hardie's Cleansing Balm: Sent From the Gods

This post has been on my list of 'blog posts ideas' since all the hype set in, I just never got round to writing, but alas I've finally gone and done it. Hoozah! Rather than writing a straight forward review, I thought I'd show you guys just how good this product really is, with a little demo. Let's talk about the product!

The 'Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm' has been around for quite some time, and the entire beauty community has gone barking mad over it. Obviously I wanted to know why, and I purchased it without a second thought. Perhaps I have too much faith in beauty bloggers. This is far from cheap and cheerful, at £34 on feelunique, but I knew it was going to be an amazing product, just by looking at it (clearly I'm psychic). I actually pre-ordered mine from a site called bath & unwind, as feelunique had completely sold out, but I wouldn't recommend it. I ended up with a smaller tub (same amount of product), and when it arrived the entire contents of the pot had melted. I was so upset! (*sniff sniff*). I bought my Emma Hardie cleansing cloth from eBay for about £5.

The packaging is beautiful. It's plastic, but looks like expensive glass. It's kind of like a pot inside a pot, and the inside is painted gold, which screams expensive. It has an easy to use screw lid that you can just take of, scoop out some product, and screw back on. Simples. 

It's quite simply heaven in a jar, that's the best way I can think of to describe it. Seriously, if there are angels up there, this is what they would use every single morning and night to wash their faces. You get plenty of product (100ml of the stuff), which lasts for about 5-6 months. It's a hard balm consistency, which with a tiny drop of water magically turns into a luscious cream. You only need a penny sized amount to cover the whole face, ideal really since its the kind of thing you want to savour. My favourite thing about it is that you can use it as a rescue balm on dry patches, as well a lip balm, and a soothing face mask when left on the skin for 10 minutes. That deserves a wowza! It's also a very effective make-up remover, that includes eye make-up, something I always look for in a good cleanser. Although incredibly oily, I think it would be great for all skin types as after it's wiped away, it imbeds itself into the skin and doesn't leave behind any residue. It's especially good for sensitive skin as it creates a calming sensation. Here are some of the things it claims to achieve: thoroughly cleanses and moisturises the skin, purifies and minimises the appearance of open pores and revitalises dull complexions and mature skin. So let's take a look and see if it does what it says on the box...

Ingredients: Moringa Seed Extract, Wild Sea Fennel, Vitamin E, Orange, Neroli and Mandarin extracts, Jasmine, Cedarwood, Rose. 

So I've got my usual face full of make-up on. I wear an average amount, but the most obvious thing is my thick black liner, which can be a nuisance to remove, along with mascara. Take note friends!

Oh look how sexy I look with my hair up. 

Before you start, its probably a good idea to put your hair up, unless of course you want a greasy mop on the top of your head. 

Cleansing balm when applied. 

Take a small scoop of the product on your finger, and I then like to warm it up slightly in the palm of my hands. Add a drop of warm water; any more than that and it will become too runny; and rub it in your hands until you get a milky substance. Apply that all over your face, making sure to rub in circles, really trying to remove all of that excess make-up. It's best to start with the other areas of your face before moving on to the eyes, as you don't want to spread all the dirt. It's very oily to start of with, but for somebody with dry skin, you know its going to lock in that moisture. 

Run your special cleansing cloth under a hot tap. I let it get super hot (careful not to fry your fingers) and then I let it cool down just a bit, before ringing out the excess water. While its still warm pat it on to your face, leaving it for a few seconds each time. The heat brings all that grime to the surface and unblocks your pores. I love to relish in the warmth for as long as possible, its just so unbelievably relaxing and luxurious, you really feel as though its working hard to clean your skin.

The cloth itself is perfect because its specially designed to do different things. You can use the abrasive muslin side of the cloth to exfoliate dryer, thicker areas of the skin and the softer micro-fibre side to clean more delicate, sensitive areas such as the eyes. Be gentle when wiping around the eyes, so as not to pull out all your lashes. 

Eyes after cleansing. 

Here is a rather horrible close up of my eyes (acne scars eww!). This shows you how well it removes eyeliner and mascara. There's next to nothing left. You might decide to cleanse twice, just to make sure its all completely gone, but I never feel the need. Alternatively you could wipe away your make-up with a make-up remover first (Bioderma e.t.c) and then do the cleansing. 

Right after I've cleaned my face, my skin tends to turn a bit red from all the rubbing, but that does subside after a minute or two. My skin feels plumper, revitalised and most importantly clean. It's as though all that life has been pumped into my face.

Face after cleansing. 

Here's the finished result and isn't it just amazing how glowing and fresh I look? Your skin feels silky smooth after using this cleanser, and that remains the same when you wake up in the morning. It really is truthful to its word, and does everything it claims to do. I don't really tend to notice any difference in my pores, as they're quite small anyway. I am now officially an Emma Hardie junkie, and swear by this product. An all round amazing cleanser, sent from the gods. 

To wash your cloth just do a 40 wash in the washing machine. 

Have you had the pleasure of trying the Emma Hardie Cleanser? 

Do you have a cleanser you swear by? 

Tell me about it in the comments below :) 

Monday, 21 October 2013

Autumn/Winter Wish List

Hello everyone! 

Excuse me if this post is a little OTT but the prospect of new clothes excites me like you wouldn't believe! Autumn is my favourite season by far, and after eating a hearty warm stew with home made dumplings (made by mwah!), I couldn't resist throwing together a little wish list, so you guys could see some of the things I'm longing for.

So let's get on with it! I can't contain it any longer...

Jen Printed Collar Smock Dress by Boohoo £18 
Isn't this dress just lovely? I think so. For starters it's a beautiful rich green colour, which is perfect for the Autumn/Winter season. Secondly it features a gorgeous tartan print (It doesn't get much more Autumnal than that). I'm also a big fan of collars, and think that this one is particularly pretty. Whats nice about the smock dress is that they're quite loose fitting, kind of ideal when your stomachs about to blow up like a helium balloon. I've actually already snatched one of these up, as I felt I couldn't live without it. Pair it with an oversized cardigan, some thick black tights, and some leather boots, and your good to go! This dress is unfortunately out of stock now, but good news girls, it should be back in stock on 24th October, so keep checking if you like this. 

Red Tartan Scarf 
I currently already own a red tartan scarf, but mine isn't as soft as I'd like, since its made from real sheep's wool. I've looked online, but can't seem to find one decent, so if anyone knows where I can get one, feel free to let me know down in the comments. If you don't already own a tartan scarf...what are you doing? Go get! It's a must have for Autumn/Winter and they go with almost anything.

I've wanted a nice new coat for sooooo long now, I've lost track of time. Something smart and simplistic is what I'm looking for, and I'm pretty darn sure I've found it! I never buy coats from Topshop, as I think they are seriously overpriced, but this one is quite reasonable. I adore the berry red colour and it's so simplistic that it doesn't even have buttons! I also love the old fashioned clean cut collar and plain pockets. Again its a loose fit so good for the pregnancy tum. Picture yourself walking down the street in this, you'll be the height of sophistication. 

Everyone loves Hunter wellies! I've never met anyone who doesn't and I'm no exception. I think if I had an endless supply of money I'd have a pair in every single colour, in every sought of finish (probably a tad excessive). If you live in the UK, wellies are a must for those rainy days. I'd love for my first pair to be red, because red makes me happy. I don't have that sought of money to spend on shoes, christmas present maybe? We'll have to see what Santa brings me. 

I've heard such amazing things about this foundation. Tbh the name has me sold by itself! I'm already a big fan of the Touche Eclat, so expect great things from this foundation. It's supposedly a satin finish, but still gives a nice healthy glow to the skin. With my skin beginning to shrivel up thanks to the colder months, this foundation might just be my saviour. Although I don't yet have the funds to buy this, its soon sure to become part of my most cherished make-up collection.

The cut out boot is bang on trend right now, though its not for everyone. I've always been grungy at heart, so I'm drawn to this style of shoe. You won't be able to imagine the sought of music I used to listen to. I love gold buckles on shoes, especially against black leather, It's a nice contrast. I'd wear these with my tartan dress, to add a sense of toughness to the outfit. Although these are from River Island, I'd suggest looking on ebay first for a similar pair. After all, why pay more than you need to? 

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

There's a Little Loo!

Hello lovelies!

So folks, your probably wondering why this blog has been so neglected recently...well I have some super exciting news to share with you all! 


Still cannot believe it!

I'm going to be a mummy! It's the best feeling in the world and you can't explain it until you experience it for yourself. The baby was completely unplanned, but me and Sean are both so thrilled with everything thats happened, plus there's still so much more to look forward to. I'm now 13 weeks along, which is much more than I'd anticipated from the doctors dates, so that was a shock. Baby is due on 15th of April, which is lovely because its close to easter, double the celebration! As we pregnant ladies know, its pretty much impossible not to worry ourselves sick about the scans and whether the baby will be okay or (if its your first scan) whether they'll actually find a baby. I stressed myself for weeks and I didn't believe it was there, you just don't feel pregnant at all, but the positive tests say otherwise, so you can't think anything else. It's completely unnecessary to worry, and as soon as you step into that room it all just slips away. Seeing your baby move around inside of you is a magical moment. In terms of names I find it much easier for girls, and much much harder for boys (why is that?), I'm definitely open to ideas . I love the name Evaline, pronounced Ev-a-lin...what do you think? So the next few weeks will consist of buying clothes and lots of supplies ready for baby's arrival. I get way too over enthusiastic about baby clothes and just have to touch everything in sight, its all too cute! For that reason there will be plenty of baby hauls on the way I'm sure. I'm particularly fond of Zara's new mini collection for newborns,  they have some really lovely pieces. Unfortunately the prices aren't too kind on the pockets. 

I'm going to end the post here, because I could literally go on and on about this all day, but I would love to make my pregnancy and my baby a regular topic here on the blog. He/she will have their own personal blog name, how could I resist really? I'm going to leave you with some surprisingly clear ultrasound photos and a snap of me in Morrison's cafe. Sean treated me to a nice big fried breakfast afterwards, YUM. 

 Baby having a little jump

All snug up in my belly. (My personal fave). 

Is there anything you would swear by for first time mums? 

What do you think for baby names guys? Comment below! 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Summer Pop Make-up & Holiday Fever

Hello lovelies! Wow It's been a while. I can't remember the last time I sat down at my computer and actually wrote something. I know I know I'm terrible, and I feel really bad about it to. Last month me and my family went on a little holiday break to a small village called Hensby, a few miles away from Great Yarmouth (one of my favourite beaches). We stayed at Richardson's holiday park in a cosy chalet. I'd never stayed in one before - we tend to stick to caravans and tents - so it was a nice experience for me. As far as the village goes it was a lovely place to stay. There was a small strip of attractions right on our door step, which led to it's own sunny beach at the end (very convenient that!). Me, Hayley and Ellie spent the majority of our time frustrating ourselves with the 2p machines (though surprisingly we did win a few things) and devouring trays of fish and chips. Then it was time to head of to the club for the nights entertainment, mostly consisting of singing, dancing and more singing. After coming back home to Banbury I was experiencing the holiday blues and just didn't feel like doing anything, so I curled up with a good book and everything else was just a blur. Since then I've been on a bit of a self-discovery mission, from which I worked out that one day I wanted to be a writer of fantasy novels. So somehow I've gone from wanting to be a full-time freelance painter, studying for a fine art degree at university to wanting to write full blown fantasy novels for young adults (don't even ask!). I guess the life lessons are never ending. 

While on holiday I did a trendy little make-up look, perfect for the summer months and the beach. I know its now officially the end of Summer and It's coming up to christmas (YAY!) but...I'd had this post planned for a while and still think its worth the effort. This is quite a colourful look and as you can see it's relatively easy to draw inspiration from the environment, especially at that hot time of year. I applied my usual Avon foundation and Collection 2000 Concealer, making sure to set my face with plenty of powder. Without it, everything would simply melt away in the scorching heat (it was blimmin hot!). I then applied a teal green shimmer from my Sleek candy collection to my lids, no blending involved! Green is one of my favourite colours but you could use any shimmery colour you want, the trick is to be as bright as possible. I then used a white shimmer for the inner corners of my eyes, to really open them up. After applying the colour I outlined my eyes with a black Rimmel pencil, which instantly made them pop. It's nice to keep the rest of the make-up quite light so as not to overpower the eyes, they kind of speak for themselves. I used a pretty pink Sleek blush and a pink chubby stick by Clinique. I find chubby sticks are a lot more moisturising than your everyday lipstick (great for when your lips are chapped but you still want a hint of colour). That's it! So what do you think? I loved wearing it and can't wait to crack open my eyeshadow palette again next summer. I think it's quite a daring look, you'd have to be quite confident to wear it. But I say let loose! Jump outside the comfort zone and see how you feel. 

Until next time lovelies

Monday, 19 August 2013

My First Time

Hello you lovely lot! So I've recently reached 50 followers on Bloglovin and I would like to say a very big thank you to all of you for continuing to read my posts and supporting my blog, I am so over the moon right now and so very grateful for everything!

Yesterday I uploaded my third video onto Youtube, in which I talk about a few of my first time experiences. Though it sounds quite the saucy rant, it's in actual fact the exact opposite (I know your all disappointed!) It's in reality, a chance for you to get to know me a little better, through allowing you guys to see little snippets of my past life, and chatting about things I experienced for the first time. I originally did this as a video response to Louise from 'Sprinkle Of Glitter', though she has not yet authorised it. In the unfortunate event that she doesn't, I can at least say I tried. Still though, you should check out her blog and her Youtube channel if you haven't already, she's a pretty great girl. Of course feel free to comment rate and subscribe if you wish to. I really enjoyed filming this particular video, it enabled me to express myself a little bit more. Usually I'm quite shy, but put me in a room on my own and I'll go on and on forever! 

I hope you enjoy and they'll be more posts and videos on the way to you very soon :)

Cheerio x

Monday, 12 August 2013

Edgy Casual

Hello lovelies! I've missed you all. Today I've got a really nice outfit post for you, as I feel I've been lacking in my efforts. I don't feel as though I've been giving you lovely readers the quality content you deserve, so I went out and took some nice photos for you all to look at (Pats self on the back). Enjoy!

Just lately I've noticed a real change in my wardrobe. There's a real edginess to all my outfits, which wasn't there before. I mean I've always loved standing out in terms of style, but never this much (good or bad?...I don't know). I possess a real adoration for leather. That's leather skirts, leather jackets, leather sleeves, leather shoes, leather bags, any kind of leather is a winner in my mind. I enjoy the toughness it adds to an outfit, with a hint of femininity. I'm not overly girly, so for me its a perfect match. Ever since I lost 3 stone in weight I've been searching high and low for an identity and I can now happily say I've found it 100%

This dress I'm wearing is a real keeper, and would you believe its from Primark? (golly gosh!). I discovered this jewel as soon as I walked through the door, and I was pretty thrilled. It caught my eye instantly, and with £13 on the price tag it was instantly mine too. This may come as a shock to some, but its my first ever Primark dress. Usually their dresses are either insanely big or ridiculously long on my short figure, which meant that I'd never bother to try them on. I loved it so much, not trying it on wasn't an option. It's a plain and simple jersey dress, made with a thin cotton material, which fits well on the figure. The short leather effect sleeves flare over the shoulder and make them appear broader. I'm quite self conscious about my arms, but I finally decided what the hell! You only live once, it's time to be comfortable in my own skin. The dress cinches in at the waist and floats over the hips, it's surprisingly flattering. I love the contrast in materials. I tend to play it safe with colours, using accessories to brighten up my outfits, but when it comes to texture, I get way too over-excited (aha). It's got your average circular neckline, with a button and small cut-out section at the back. It also comes with a plastic belt, which I switched for a belt I'd had from a previous dress (it makes such a big difference, trust me). Because of the amount of cotton, it's great for everyday wear, bringing out your edgy casual side. I just slapped on some pale sheer tights, but I also think it would look awesome layered with black tights, leggings or disco pants, its all about being creative with your choices. 

All in all, a wonderful piece I can add to my collection. I hope this inspired some of you to venture out of your comfort zones. What's the worst that can happen? You'll get stares, but what does that matter if confidence is what you feel? 

I really would like my blog to be an inspirational place as well as somewhere we just look at outfits. So...plenty more inspirational posts to come. I hope you all enjoyed the read, and please don't forget to come back soon! :)

P.S. So Sorry about the tabs that continued to pop out, it seems I'm probably going to have to cut them off (only downfall of this dress). 

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation in "Ivory"
Collection 2000 Concealer in "Fair" 
Mac Eyeshadow in "Naked Lunch" 
Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Pencil in "Black" 
Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil in "Natural Black" 
Sleek Contour Kit in "Light" 
Sleek Blush in "Dolly Mix"
Clinique Chubby Stick in "Might Mimosa"
Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder in "Transparent" 
Body Shop Radiant Highlighter
Barry M High Shine Gelly Nail Paint in "Blueberry"

Gold Tone Cross Long Necklace - £6
Turquoise Ice Watch / Summer Collection - £70-80
Stirling Silver Pandora Bracelet - £50 / Charms - £25-65
Gok Wan Glasses - £99