Friday, 22 January 2016

January Retail Therapy

Its been too long since I've been on a satisfying all-day shopping spree. With the craziness of being a mother, and never being able to remember things, spare time becomes scarce,  the clock is always way ahead of you. But with the January sales in full swing,  I made a promise to myself to go out and find some bargains. Hastily I handed over little man to his daddy, kissed him a sweet goodbye and braved the cold weather to catch the next train. 

As I strolled wondrously down the High-street, straining my neck out like a tortoise to get a glimpse in shop windows, I noticed the high amount of ridiculous offers. It was hard to restrain myself from clearing shops completely...actually there was no 'restraining' going on...more like 'diving in'. The rush of people speeding along with heaps of bags from various stores didn't help either. It certainly wasn't difficult to uncover many bargains, and as the day went on someone clicked on the crazy switch, and my money flew out of my hands and into the tills. By the end of the day I had only £20 left, and that was my lesson learnt. To be fair it was christmas money (no excuse!).

My biggest bargain was from Boots, Pixiwoo's Bold Metals Collection Essentials With Clutch set. Originally it costed a whopping £65, and it was reduced to just £25. That's near enough the price of one brush! I didn't really need anymore make-up brushes, but I had always admired the look of these, especially the rose gold brush, but on a normal day I would never have been able to afford them, they were just way out of my price range. Thank god for the sales is all I can say! I also really like the clutch bag included. I assume you are supposed to put the brushes inside it, but I think I'll use it as a fashion accessory. Following Boots I also spent about an hour in Zara, but I could have easily spent a day in there browsing the many packed isles. A large period of that time was spent in the changing rooms playing tug of wore with five or six pairs of jeans, which involved much yanking and tumbling. Thank god for the curtains! Though these jeans are the only full priced item I purchased, I wanted to include them in this post for the simple fact Zara jeans are the most comfortable and well-fitting I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. However there was a definite lack of sizes. Also from Zara, I picked up a leopard print shirt, something I have been in two minds about for a while. I've never felt comfortable enough to pull of a print as 'in your face' as leopard, but since it was in the sale for only £12.99 I went for it. My happiness lasted until I got home, opened the bag excitedly, only to find a huge hole in the sleeve, which I'll now have to stitch. Let me tell you, my face drooped right to the floor in that moment. Despite my disappointment, it is a lovely sheer fabric, the kind that floats over all your lumps and bumps, for that perfect flattering fit. 

Lately I've been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer religiously, it has always been one of my favourites, and as I sat and watched her kick vampire butt I admired the tiny leopard print skirt she was wearing. Goodness knows how she managed to kick so high! The skirt was paired with a skin tight, black jumper. I loved the simplicity of the outfit. So I made it my mission to find one that I felt comfortable wearing. I found a leopard print skirt very similar to the one she wore in Zara, that was reduced in the sale to £3.99. The best thing about it, is its elastic waist band, which made pulling it over my elephant hips a piece of cherry cake (no tug of war going on here). The rough texture of the skirt could make a simple outfit look interesting. I paired my newly found leopard skirt with a simple black turtle neck jumper from Dorothy Perkins in the sale for £14. The gold button detail on the sleeves gives a nice sophisticated touch. There you have it! One Buffy the Vampire Slayer outfit, your ready to hit the sales. 

It was perhaps the worst mission I've ever been on. My luck for the new year already seems to have run out, with most of the items I've bought in the sales having holes in them. If your planning on going shopping, whether sales or not, always check your garments for holes in seems or missing/loose buttons. Its fair to say the day was hectic, the busy crowds can get a bit much, and I was glad to step of that train and get home to my loved ones. Maybe next year I'll do my sale shopping online. 

I'd like to see what everyone else managed to bag in the sales, maybe there are some bargains that I've missed out on? *slaps self in the face* (no more!). 

Items featured: 

Zara Super Skinny Jeans (Check in store)
Zara Oversized Leopard Print Shirt (Check in store)

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

5 Reasons David Bowie Was My Biggest Hero

Today I just wanted to write a little tribute to my biggest hero; after hearing of his trajic death yesterday. I wanted to share with you all five reasons why he was and still is my biggest hero. My condolences go to his family and his multitude of fans across the world at this awful time.

1. He Made Earth-shattering Music

When David Bowie made a new song the Earth shook and the whole world would know about it, and that shows a rare and special star quality. I'm pretty sure that same level of musical talent will never be seen again. Some of my favourites are: 'Ashes to Ashes', 'Blue Jean', and 'Life on Mars' (but there are many more, that would take too long to list here).

2. His Voice

Bowie's voice is the most distinctive sound I've ever heard. A soulful deep tone with a guitar-like twang. Whenever I listen to the radio or am shopping in a supermarket that is playing music, immediately I recognise his songs, and yes I do have a little jam and a sing-a-long if the isle is deserted. His voice to me is what made him so unforgettable. (Its also enough to make any woman swoon at the knees). 

3. He Gave Me Childhood Memories

I have very fond memories of David Bowie as a child, and not just because he was a superstar. I remember my mothers good friend Rita, who was like a third grandmother to me, sitting me down on the couch and placing a video into the television. Up popped the magical world of Labyrinth, full of fairy's, dwarfs and goblins, and bopping 80's tunes. Then this man appeared, even then at such a young age he struck me, and I never forgot the Goblin King. After my friends death quite some time ago now the Labyrinth and David Bowie himself have become a somewhat special memory for me. The love for the film is something we shared in common, and it is something I can remember her by. This man, whom I never met, without knowing it, has given me such fond childhood memories, and now I get to remember him for them. 

4. He Was a Chameleon Who Wasn't Afraid of Change

His image was yet another reason Bowie remains stapled in our minds. Much like Michael Jackson and Madonna his image never stopped changing. He was a man who was unafraid of individuality, and expressing ones self. To be different is an admirable quality. 

5. He Embodied Male Perfection 

My 5th and final reason is an obvious one (at least to women), he is simply a fine male specimen. Obviously everybody has faults, but even his faults I found ridiculously attractive. If your reading this post, and not quite understanding where I'm coming from, you only have to watch the Labyrinth and his ridiculously tight pants to understand. Even now the starman is in the sky, I'll never forget those beautiful miss-matched eyes (how could anyone?). 

Obviously, there are a million more reasons that I could tell you, but it would take me forever to write them all! 

Thank you for reading my tribute to this amazing man, that continues to resonate with so many across the world. I was sad to see him go, but he's the kind of person you never really forget. 

Every David Bowie fan across the planet, please feel free to leave a comment, I'd love to hear from fellow enthusiasts, particularly about what you'll remember most about him. 

A loss the world will never overcome.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Body Shop's: Vitimin C Glow-boosting Moisturiser Review

Hello Everyone I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! I,m sat here typing from my new Flip case tablet keyboard, and its magical. Today I'm writing a nice little review for you, so I can get back into the blogging flow of things, after the hectic holidays flipped everything upside down.

I have struggled with dry skin for quite a few years now, and this time of year is the worst. You know the feeling? Where your skin feels as delicate as china, and you avoid touching it in fear your entire face will just break into tiny pieces, it screams MOISTURE at you! If your one of those people who ignore those thirst quenching screams, Body Shop's new-ish vitamin C range could be for you. Its targeted at people who experience dry, tired, dull skin, with high claims to brighten and revive your skin, giving you a healthy, glowing complexion (that would make my year).

For a few months now I have been enjoying using their glow-boosting moisturiser. Even though I haven't seen any major differences in my skin, there are definataly still some benefits to be found in using this product.

For one it feels heavenly on your skin when you first apply it. It gently cools your skin, and leaves it feeling all lovely and smooth. The cream is thin and light, and it sinks in almost straight away, so your not left with a horrid sticky residue. A little bit definately goes a long way, so it lasts a little longer than most, however I do wish the pots were bigger. This product also smells like oranges, which to me there's nothing better, but if your not a fan, i'd probably stay clear. Though the scent itself is fresh and in noway overpowering. And lets not forget the reasonable price tag of £16, though I know its not the cheapest, and I wouldn't buy it for every day use, I can't deny I loved just using it, especially in the mornings, when it feels particularly refreshing.

Though I haven't noticed any major long term changes, it is genuinely a nice moisturiser to pop into your skincare routine. Perhaps this moisturiser would perform better when used along side some of the other products in The Body Shop's vitamin C range, which I am very eager to try out. But my hunt continues for the best moisturiser for dry skin.

What skin saviours have you all found? I'd love to find something spectacular that I've been missing out on all this time.

Also how are you liking the images? I'm liking my new 50mm lens, and totally recommend adding one to your kit if your wanting to improve the quality of your photos x

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas Baking: Disney Mickey Mince Pies

 Not many people close to me know that baking has become a secret passion of mine. Though I find the whole process stressful, i'm immensely proud of myself when I open the oven door, a puff of hot smoke smacking my face, and finally my nose is greeted with the sweet smell of beautifully baked goods. It is at that point you know your hard work and tireless efforts have payed of. The cherry on the cake being able to see your little sugar monster tucking in and enjoying what you've made.

Its even more special at this time of year. Christmas always makes me want to venture into unknown territory. This year I went with the simple but tasty mince pie. I took my recipe from Zoella, and it was a superb batch if I do say so myself. And I will say it was IMMENSELY hard to share afterwards. Her measurements make quite a lot of cakes, so I just halved the recipe to make it suit me. Though Zoe's star design is so rustic and deliciously gorgeous, I wanted to put my own spin on it, in an attempt to make it more interesting for little man. Mickey mouse was the obvious choice, I haven't yet come across a child who doesn't like Mickey Mouse (My life is over when that day comes).

He could not stop smiling when he saw that cartoon face crisp within the pastry, suddenly baking with a toddler became enjoyable, and for both of us! Its a true Christmas miracle!
All we used was a toast cutter given to us inside an Easter box, but thankfully Disney cutters aren't so hard to come by with the help of the internet. Here is one you could use for your mince pies. 

Do you like baking at Christmas? Try and see how imaginative you can get with it. Perhaps Thomas next year, or maybe a much bigger, riskier cake, that Elijah is sure to slop onto the floor. 

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a good one and be proud of your homemade masterpieces x

Thursday, 24 September 2015

My Hair History - From 0 to 20

I've seen a few bloggers write posts such as this one, and I always thought, well why would you want to show a bunch of strangers a load of the most embarrassing pictures you've ever taken?! It just seemed ludicrous to me. But I decided actually, its nice to look back at the past when your comfortable with life, and its also nice to reminisce with others, to be able to share memories, and laugh about them for years to come. I look ghastly in most of my photos, and everyone...feel free to laugh at me and my troublesome teen years, when I seemed to think wearing 3D Cinema glasses with no lenses was cool, and picking daisy's and then posing with them was also on the same level of cool (oh dear). This is my hair history from age 0 up until the age of 20 (my age now), roughly in the right order, though obviously, these are only a select few of the photos I've taken or have had taken for me, over the many years I've been alive. Now sit back and have a good chuckle as I explain...

Me and my hair have always had a strong love hate relationship. I was the kind of young girl that grew up always wishing my hair would suddenly grow overnight, and in the morning I would wake to find it touching the floor like Rapunzels. Obviously, that never happened, but it still never stopped me wishing for it. I often went through fazes of trying to grow it out and then getting tired of waiting, so would chop it of at a moments notice, or I would very drastically change the colour of my hair, much to my hairdressers dismay, which would satisfy me for as little as a couple of days. Because of this, my whole life has evolved into one big serious dying binge, which obviously isn't healthy for your hair, and I've learnt my lesson the hard way, as I no longer have the silky smooth mane I was lucky to have before. 

When I was a baby I didn't have much say in my hair colour or style. My hair was very dark when I was born, and out of nowhere it blossomed into this thick bush of white blonde hair, with a hideous straight cut fringe to match, that all our mothers seemed to love to give us back then. The blonde began to fade gradually as I got older, which was a shame. The first time I ever dyed my hair was in Secondary School, and it was actually my friend who did the deed. I picked up a pink streak kit from my local tescos, and I have no idea why I trusted her to do it, since she's the craziest person I know. We used tin foil, clearly we thought we were professionals. Unsurprisingly, the results were disastrous, and my next morning at school, was probably one of the most embarrassing days of my entire life, my friend found the whole thing hilarious. Never again will i let her anywhere near my hair. I couldn't find any pictures of my hair when I first dyed it black, which is odd because its probably the hair colour I've had for the longest period of time, purely because of the fact its so god damn hard to get out! One of the first colours I EVER died it, and I decided I wanted move Amy. I remember letting one of my friends bleach it from black to a peroxide blonde, and it makes me cringe now, because we used 2 fricken tubs of bleach (horrendous!), and honestly afterwards I looked like a scarecrow. After that I continued to die it blonde in a feeble effort to get rid of the horrible ginger nest I'd been left with, not realising toner was the way to go. That was really the penultimate time I completely destroyed my hair. But luckily there are no pictures of that *smiles*

Eventually I gave up with the blonde and dyed it black again, I figured it was the only way to fix it. The third picture you see is what my hair looked like after I'd grown out the black 'the proper way', and after numerous hair cuts to trim away the damaged hair. At this point I'd wanted red hair for a while, and so I dyed it again stupid! It was not bright red, but a more natural plum/auburn colour that suited my pale skin. I would say its my second favourite colour. I felt like trying out a fringe again to make a change from my usual bangs, which restricted hairstyles, and I soon got bored of it, so I let it grow out. Then I went from red to brown, and then yet again to black, and finally to brown just in time for prom. I had it curled at Dennis Michaels, which I really loved. 

It wasn't until I got to college, that I decided enough was enough, and I was going to take growing it out more seriously, though my dying addiction never faltered. During my time at college I decided I wanted to be a red head again, but this time I wanted it to be mega bright, I guess I wanted to stand out, even though I'm quite a quiet, shy person, so it doesn't make sense, even to me. It was around the time pop star Rhianna had dyed her hair bright red, and it was slowly becoming more acceptable to have bolder shades. It took several attempts, but I got there in the end with a lot of Sean's help. I had some mixed opinions on it, but most were positive, and I was really really happy with how it turned out, which I suppose is all that really matters. For a while I loved it, I embraced it and finally it was starting to grow, until...the stupid hairdresser happened. Its highly likely that one of you in your lifetime has had a hairdresser you weren't at all happy with. I asked for an inch and he cut like 3 inches of, what an idiot. It still makes me mad today haha! 

So sadly I was back to square one with the length, and I attempted to get rid of my red hair by myself. Turns out red hair is considerably harder than black to get out, and I ended up with a bogie shade of green, which I was so embarrassed about, I never left the house. When that happened I felt something had to be done about the dying and growing it out. After meeting my boyfriend Sean, I met his lovely home hairdresser, who helped me banish the green and return to my natural virgin hair, a colour I hadn't seen in a long long while. It was truly like magic to me, what she did, and if it weren't for her, my hair may still be ruined now. I had that colour for a long time after that, and then she helped me again to achieve a gorgeous natural shade of brown, seriously though I am forever in her debt. She told me that semi-perminent would be much less damaging to my hair, and would give it a break to be able to grow. As you can see from the last few photos my hair is really long, and I'm still growing it now, though all of the layers are gone. I've considered cutting it all of a few times, but I don't think I ever will again. Its so long I can't fit the full length picture in at the end. Recently, I did dye it ombre with a box dye, but I feel I am now a lot wiser, and much more sensible than what I used to be. My ombre turned out brilliantly and I feel its the best my hair has ever felt or looked. 

I would like for it to grow to my ribs, but I still have a few more inches to go before I reach that goal, though now I've managed it this far, I feel much more confident that I will reach it. I'm currently loving trying out different hair products to improve the texture and quality of my hair, to somewhat repair the years of trauma I've put it through, though I know it will never be exactly the same. I enjoy being able to plait it, and put it up in a messy bun, the possibilities are endless with long hair. Looking back now, I wish I could take it all back. In hind site I never should have dyed it, I should have just let it grow, but life has a funny way of doing the opposite of what you want. My new golden rule is 'to always go and see a professional hairdresser' and everything will be fine!

I hope you enjoyed reading about the journey of my hair, and how it came to be. Leave comments as to what you think, and tell me about your own hair havocs, we can have a good old laugh together. 

Monday, 14 September 2015

A New Design, A New Me

You may have noticed recently that I've been chopping and changing my blogs design to no end, all in a bid to discover my own individual image. There are so many fantastic blogs out there nowadays, which makes it extremely difficult to stand out as a person, and I for one have found it really gruelling to discover and create something unique. Finally, I believe I've found a design that I love, and that fits me and my personality perfectly

I first started writing 'AmyloosWorld' when I was just 15, I'm now 20, and in that big chunk of time my tastes, and the things I love have changed dramatically. My original vision for this blog was to make it a space where you could find anything and everything. Like your imagination, the possibilities are endless. I didn't want to fit into a 'niche', because there were so many great things I loved and cherished in my world, to cut out any one of them seemed ludicrous to me. I feel like I've now achieved that vision in terms of my design, and I'm going to be working on making good quality content to match. I want to make this space a place that everyone can enjoy, that's the goal I'm still striving for. 

How frequently I post has also been a huge issue for me. And I know I say it over and over again...I'm sorry! Time management has never been one of my strengths, and I'm working on it, I truly am, its not something I find easy. But rest assured, that this blog is still something I deeply treasure, even if I have no time for it. My life has changed a lot, and a lot of the time I feel like I'm stretching (like that funny doll 'Stretch Armstrong'), and I've simply found myself investing most of my time on other things. Writing the first draft of my book is something I've really been concentrating on just lately, because like everything else, I want to take it seriously. I want to find more ways to interchange the things I'm currently doing, and making it relevant to the blog. If any of you have any advice on that, I would be most grateful. 

I have a little bit of advice of my own, for all the newcomers out there in the blogosphere. Don't fret about your image so much when you first start out. I'm a hardcore perfectionist, its who I am, I can't help it, its why I excel in creative subjects. But one thing I've learnt, is that its okay to not know 'who you are', that's something you can build up to, in gradual steps. There's no need to rush. Blogging should be an enjoyable experience for both you and your readers. Despite what anyone else says, it is possible to create professional designs using free software, you don't have to pay anyone to do anything. Its a matter of having patience, learning as you go along, and being determined. And that's the best advice I can give you. 

So what do you think about my new design? So far I've only managed to create the header, but the rest of the design will follow on from that main image. Personally, I love it! But I would, I'm biased. Let me know what you think, maybe give me some more ideas. Your never too old or too experienced to learn something new. 

Cheers! Here's to the future of 'Amyloosworld' 

Monday, 3 August 2015

'Those' Jeans

You know those jeans, the ones that look amazing in your head but never look good on you in reality, the ones that you wish you had, the ones that you've been searching everywhere to find but it seems  next to impossible, especially when you've spent so much time trampling and digging through clothes rails and tried on a gazillion different sizes, lengths and styles in the hope that the next pair you try   on might be the ones. Yeah...I found those jeans the other day, and I did a little dance in the changing rooms. Its a good job they have curtains.  

Since giving birth to Elijah a little over a year ago, I've put on quite a lot of weight. I've gone from a size 8 on top and a 10 on bottom to a size 12 on top and a size 14 on bottom. I have every intention of losing the weight, but the motivations just not there right now, and rather than fretting about it (something I used to do all the time) I'm attempting to remain calm and embrace my new shapely figure. The one part of my body I have always struggled with, even when I was a size 10, is my legs. Whenever I put weight on it instantly drops straight to my hips, I'm sure there are a great deal off ladies out there who can relate to what I'm saying. Unfortunately, my bigger bottom has caused some issues in the trousers department, and I lack the confidence to wear most things nowadays, specifically that devil material called 'denim'. I was under the impression I would never wear another pair of jeans ever again, as I was sick and tired of constantly hunting, and feeling more rubbish when they didn't look the way I expected. Then I walked into Zara one day and it took me a little while to find them, but just by luck I said to myself I may as well try them on, and I'm so glad I made that decision. They have the loveliest snug fit, as they are slightly stretchy, so they're not restricting in the slightest. I love the the blue colour, and I think jeans can add a casual feel to most outfits, so I'm extremely happy with the new addition to my wardrobe. Its not surprising that I discovered those jeans in Zara, as the last two pairs of trousers I bought were also from there, and they fit amazingly as well. I was pleasantly surprised at the price of the jeans, as Zara can be quite expensive if your on a tight budget, but these were only £20, an amount I am more than willing to pay for the jeans. The only complaint I have is with Zara's available sizes in store. There were multitudes of size 8 and size 10, but I only found one size 14 in the whole stack of jeans sat on the table. 

My top is also from Zara, and I love the bright colours, which give a nice summery pop to the outfit. My shoes are from Next, which I've just recently bought. I've never owned a pair of espadrilles before, but they are surprisingly comfy, and these ones are made from a nice soft suede material. Lastly my sunglasses are from good old Primark, which only cost me £2 inclusive of a case to keep them in, and you wouldn't even think they were cheap. 

I hope you liked this post, and my outfit. I hope this post has helped some of you larger ladies feel a bit more confident about embracing your figures, and given you the motivation to keep looking for those jeans, if you've had no luck as of yet. You will find them I promise! Comment down below if you've ever had trouble finding jeans that fit properly, and your thoughts on being bigger.

List of Items Shown: 
Denim Jeans - Zara (No link - look in store) 
Shirt - Zara (In sale - look in store)
Espadrilles - Next
Sunglasses - Primark (No link - look in store)